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Tokyo with Child with special needs

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hopefulpuffin Thu 12-Nov-15 00:57:46

There's a possibility DH could be relocated to Tokyo for @ a year. DS has mild ADHD, an articulation disorder (not too bad) and motor skills problems (poor handwriting). He'll be in 4th grade when we go (American) so @ 10 years old. He does have an IEP.

Does anyone know if any of the English-speaking private schools are SN friendly? Academically he's ahead of his year for reading and math but because of his speech and handwriting he doesn't always come across as the smarty pants he is. smile

We're living in Okinawa now but use American schools so he gets the services he needs.

DH is really desperate to go but I don't want to home school and don't want DS to be put in a situation that is not supportive for him.

TIA for any input.

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