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Anyone in Accra/ Ghana?

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Fuenp Thu 07-Dec-06 15:33:59

We are moving to Accra, in April next year. We are Spanish but been living in London for the last 10 years. Have a 20 month old daughter and 1 little boy who will be born in London in February.

I look forward to hearing from you!

A very excited 'obroni'

Indigo77 Mon 18-Dec-06 14:26:36

Hey there,
I see no one has replied yet! Not the most common place to relocate to but an interesting one. I'm Ghanaian (though born and raised here) I went back last year with dd aged 1 at the time and dh. Was amazing and surprisingly easy to travel with the little one. obvious warnings: heat and misquito protection for you and the kids. From what I gather there are lots of international schools and nurseries etc. there so that shouldn't be a worry. Also there's good expat community in Ghana so you'll soon have a social network plus beautiful beaches, national parks etc. all within reasonable driving distance from Accra. (I sound like the tourist board!)A further point is that you will be able to employ home helps as many people do (expat and native) to help with the kids and house work, and no doubt a driver to navigate the sometimes bumpy roads and legendary traffic - dont be put off! All these services will be available for relatively little so the standard of life will be great. Let me know how you get on as I'm considering relocating there myself. Best of luck

Fuenp Thu 21-Dec-06 14:30:07

Thanks Indigo77!
to be honest I didnt expect much response!
We went with dd in October to look for a house and I loved it!

I cant wait to relocate and start meeting other mums in the same situation!

Take care


suedonim Fri 22-Dec-06 00:51:32

Hi Fuenp, I'm just a hop, skip and a jump away from you, in Lagos! I'm told Ghana is heavenly compared to Nigeria so I'm sure you'll have a great time.

cameroonmama Wed 27-Dec-06 08:28:09

Hi I am not in Accra but am in Douala Cameroon which is not so far

I have been to Accra quite a few times and have thoroughly enjoyed myself each time, the expat community is quite small and very welcoming, we have colleagues who have been living there for some time who have enjoyed it very much. If it is anything like here it will be very quick and easy to make friends and you and your dc will have a great time.

I am quite envious in fact as we are about to leave our lovely African home for the cold and wet of Somerset

SSShakeTheChi Tue 09-Jan-07 10:07:19

Hi Fuenp,
I was born in Kumasi which is not far from Accra. My parents loved their spell in Ghana but this was a long long time ago, they always looked back on their time there with fondness. Hope you'll settle in well. Let us know how you get on.

apeainapod Thu 22-Mar-07 16:17:18


I am a Brit who has lived in Accra for 9 years! DH and his parents moved here 34 years ago - business! I cannot believe that there is a fellow mnetter due here!!! Any questions please get in touch! I have 3 little ones and a new one due in November.

Good luck!!!!!

Cocobear Mon 02-Apr-07 15:33:04

Yes, I'm in Accra and have been for the last couple years. You here yet?

apeainapod Thu 10-May-07 17:12:28

Cocobear - are you still here in Accra????

Cocobear Tue 28-Aug-07 15:40:11

Yes, I'm still here. Just returned after having the baby (she was born 10 weeks ago, but had to wait around in UK for passports, visa, etc) - sorry it's taken so long to notice your reply!

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