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Singapore- working on a dependents pass

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beingorange Tue 03-Nov-15 13:00:14

Can anyone help me as my HR department are crap. We are moving to Signapore. DH's company will apply for an employment pass for him.
And a dependents pass for me if neccessary.
My company has said I can transfer my job there, and work from home. But they have no idea, and I have no idea, what kind of pass i need, and how I get it. I could have my salary paid in Europe, or Singapore. I am the first and only employee out there, There is no registered office.
Any idea what I do?

MyFriendsCallMeOh Tue 03-Nov-15 15:45:21

If you work for a company in Singapore, your employer can apply for a Letter of Consent for you to work on a Dependents Pass. If there is no office there, that's not possible. They cannot apply for an EP or a LOC if they don't have an office there. You might want to contact Mums at Work for advice, they know about employment law and practise and have excellent workshops, networking and part time / contract job opportunities.

I actually set up my own company in Singapore and then applied for a Dependent's pass to employ myself, but I don't know if this loophole still exists (3 years later). You might be able to do this and work as a consultant for your current employer?

TerrorAustralis Mon 16-Nov-15 05:06:03

As myfriends says, if they've got an office in Singapore or get you to set one up, they can either apply for an EP for you, or once you get your DP, apply for a letter of consent to work. An EP has a minimum salary of about $4500 per month.

It's not a loophole, but you can work for yourself as a consultant or freelancer on a DP. To do this you register a Sole Proprietorship (with ACRA) then apply to the Ministry of Manpower for your own Letter of Consent. You then charge your company as a supplier/contractor, rather than get paid as an employee IYSWIM. I'm working as a freelancer with this set up (but multiple clients) so PM me if you need further advice.

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