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Moving from London to New York - HELP!

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yellobunny91 Thu 15-Oct-15 23:31:30

I am getting ready to move from London to New York next month and am completely panicked about the logistics of moving my life. I keep looking around my flat and getting anxious about having to get rid of my belongings/trying to figure out what I should be taking.

I have already gotten rid of about half my clothing/shoes/books and will be selling my furniture and all of my kitchen stuff. I am actually really tempted to just throw everything away (just to rid myself of the hassle).

Has anyone moved from London to New York - how did you manage it? What did you take, what did you leave behind, what did you wish you had taken but left behind and what do you wish you had just left behind?

Also - what are your favourite British/European things that you really miss and can't find in New York (i.e, what should I stock up on before moving)?

Thanks everyone!

Shakshuka Sat 31-Oct-15 19:54:19

Don't bring any electronics other than portable ones! They're cheap here and the differences in voltage means you'll need a transformer.

I found bedding in the UK, especially duvets and duvet covers much nicer.

And food of course!

Want2bSupermum Tue 03-Nov-15 20:06:45

Doesn't sound like you have kids so that makes your move much easier IMO. I moved here at the age of 26 and what I sent over via fedex was lost. It was quite liberating to start with a cheque for $10k.

I would bring over your fav clothes etc but leave the big stuff behind. You can buy it all here and have it delivered the next day. Shipping takes forever and if you have ikea furniture it doesn't hold up well.

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