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Four days in Singapore to get a feel of life out there before we make the big decision...

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feckityfeck Thu 17-Sep-15 18:06:27

What should we do? I'm torn between finding all sorts of fun stuff to do and things like looking round a supermarket/wet market to see what they're like.

DH's company's HR out there are going to organise visits to schools, and possibly a look around a couple of condos, depending on whether they can find an agent willing to show us round even though we're not going until next summer.

DH's office will be at One North, school will hopefully be Tanglin, but also looking at Dover Court and Dulwich. Budget for accommodation will be $8k.

We'll be arriving on a Saturday morning, then will have full days Sunday and Monday, then leaving late on Tuesday night. DC free! Longest I'll have ever been away from them sad, but they'll be having fun with grandma and grandad.

(I'm hoping the wind changes out there in the next couple of weeks and blows away the haze!)

Peppapogstillonaloop Thu 17-Sep-15 23:09:10

Ooh go and have fun! There are a ton of supermarkets, wet markets are all fine you can get UK brands of you want and you'll get used to shopping sound for different stuff..don't bother going to check them out!

I'd have a look at a condo if you can just to get a feel, and then check out a couple of areas you might want to live based on commute. Then go and eat lots of delicious food and have some cocktails! That's what I'd do anyway ;0)

MyFriendsCallMeOh Fri 18-Sep-15 03:12:43

And look at condos in relation to public transport in case your dh can get an MRT or bus to One North and you can have the car during the day (in case you have a car included in your package). Take masks if the haze hasn't subsided by then ...

yakari Fri 18-Sep-15 04:18:31

I agree - try and see a condo to get a feel for space and layout. Many people find it 'different' to normal UK leaving. If you get a chance to see a couple of your preferred schools do so - again just to get a feel for them.
Then go out and party ??

InternationalEspionage Fri 18-Sep-15 04:52:55

Find out.about waiting lists for schools before you set your heart on one....some are an absolute nightmare!

Is your accommodation allowance in Singapore $ ar USD $?

Singapore is IMHO the easiest expat location on earth if you have $s but housing and school fees make a generous package essential these days (and they are harder to come by than they used to be).

I would do the basics then kick back and have fun! You will have a fantastic time!

feckityfeck Fri 18-Sep-15 07:12:05

Hmm, delicious food and cocktails you say? Well, if I must... grin

It's SGD$8k, it seemed about right from what I've been looking at, but there's only so much of an idea you can get from a few photos on estate agent websites.

No car in the package, but a SGD$1K a month travel allowance, no idea if that would be enough to hire a car, but probably will stick to public transport.

The contract doesn't give a budget for schools, just says they will pay for education, and the HR woman mentioned Tanglin as the 'usual' choice, but warned about waiting lists too.

Laptopwieldingharpy Fri 18-Sep-15 10:33:09

I'm with Peppa!

CaramelCurrant Mon 21-Sep-15 04:39:34

One North & TTS makes life very very easy for you. Loads of fabulous places to live, and so convenient to everywhere.

I would just enjoy it really.

ChopsticksandChilliCrab Wed 23-Sep-15 17:44:43

Have a look at The Rochester, a nice condo and very convenient for TTS, One North, public transport, Star Vista Mall and Holland Village nightlife.

Houses round Ghim Moh, Holland Village, Mount Sinai would suit you too.

A car will cost about $1300 min/month, you can get a lot of taxis for that.

feckityfeck Fri 25-Sep-15 09:54:58

I've been following the news about the haze over there, and panic-bought some masks to take with us, in the hope that sod's law means it will all be over by the time we go. It looks awful though, with schools closed and everything.

We've got an afternoon booked with an agent to see some condos, not sure where she'll be taking us.

Laptopwieldingharpy Fri 25-Sep-15 10:02:43

Lots of good condos in that area and nice house clusters mentioned too.
River valley/alexandra is a great area too with good transport options ate more "central" if you want to avoid driving.

Laptopwieldingharpy Fri 25-Sep-15 10:03:30

"And" not "ate"!!

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