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Is anyone specifically in Jubail or lived there recently?

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HerRoyalNotness Wed 05-Aug-15 17:56:44

Looking for any information regarding life, compounds, schooling etc..

Have an out of the blue offer to consider moving, will be in a company compound, already know a few people there. Have 2 DC 8 and 5. Have heard from other friends schools are ok. Have looked at expat women, not a lot of info on there and schools for Jubail not mentioned.

How far is the drive to Bahrain?

We've lived in Bahrain prior to DC, so do have some idea of life there, and do understand it is much more restricted esp. for me. We would have to go for 2yrs minimum.

One consideration for me is work. Company have said I can't work on project as it is under Royal Commission, but they can arrange a teachers aide type role, which is something to fill the days.

Are there opportunities to volunteer? Meet parents from school? Socialise between compounds, so you are not stuck with just the people on your own compound (as these would also be colleagues). Any sports or after school activities for the DC? swimming lessons etc...

Any thoughts or info gratefully received to enable us to decide.

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