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HELP! With supporting documents for child's first passport

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Terramirabilis Tue 04-Aug-15 04:45:45

I am trying to apply for a first British passport for my US-born DS. I am just now reading the supporting documents we have to supply and I have no idea what to do about one of them: (Table A and C).

It says we have to provide a document with photo ID but my son does not have anything of this kind whatsoever. He is 11 months old. What do we do?

SavoyCabbage Tue 04-Aug-15 04:50:06

You are right! it does say that. is he entitled to a US passport that you can get first?

Terramirabilis Tue 04-Aug-15 04:57:35

Yes, he is. It looks like we will have to do the US passport first and then as soon as we get it we'll send it off with the UK passport app. It is ridiculous though. Of the list of possible supporting documents, virtually all of them do not apply to him and could not possibly. What child is going to have a voter record or a driving licence? I don't understand why they need every document our family has ever owned in order to give a passport to a child whose mother is British and therefore he will be too automatically.

mrsnec Tue 04-Aug-15 05:04:36

I'm not in the UK or us. I just got dds first passport. She couldn't get a passport here without residency even though she was born here and she couldn't get residency without a UK passport! I got it just with her bc and mine. Phone the passport office they might be ok with that. It only took them 3 weeks to process our application.

SweetAndFullOfGrace Tue 04-Aug-15 05:16:35

That looks like the guidance notes for an adult passport.

Try this instead.

Terramirabilis Tue 04-Aug-15 05:31:19

I think everything is being funneled through the online application form now as I can't find the actual form C2 online Sweet. I will look into calling the passport office if they're open during our daytime. Thank you all for helping.

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