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Sending cash gift to Singapore - which currency?

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Zaor Fri 31-Jul-15 19:11:01

Hi, I want to send a small communion gift to friends child. I can't get Singapore dollars though. What currency would be best?

MyFriendsCallMeOh Fri 31-Jul-15 21:32:32

Send it in your own currency to avoid two transactions to get it to Singapore dollars. There are money changers in every mall, plus banks everywhere, so not difficult to change it.

Zaor Sat 01-Aug-15 12:21:54

Thanks for that MyFriendsCallMeOh. I will send it in Euro so. :-)

specialsubject Sun 02-Aug-15 13:30:22

you aren't planning to post cash, I hope?

yearofthegoat Mon 03-Aug-15 07:14:40

My parents sent 2 birthday cards containing money to Singapore last year from the UK and neither of the cards was delivered. Other cards (not containing money) and parcels have all arrived safely. I would not send cash if I were you.

addictedtosugar Mon 03-Aug-15 07:37:50

Please don't send cash through the post. Cheque?

specialsubject Mon 03-Aug-15 11:23:39

BTW it is not just because it is Singapore - you shouldn't put cash in the post anywhere. 99.9% of post people are no doubt scrupulously honest, but there are a lot of post people and money in an envelope is easy to spot.

you've no comeback if it doesn't arrive.

TerrorAustralis Mon 03-Aug-15 13:27:48

Please don't send cash. It's notorious for going missing in the post, and stories of posted cash gifts that never arrived are very common in Singapore.

5446 Fri 07-Aug-15 14:07:03

As a note of advice, definitely do not send cash. I wouldn't even send a card unless in a jiffy bag.

In the three years that I lived there, I did not receive one birthday, Christmas or Easter card that was sent (probably about 15-20 in total) from anyone - speaking to a number of people who found the same - mainly because SingPost have a tendency to "lose" any cards which may possibly contain cash.

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