Moving back to uk after living in USA

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AlpacaMyBags Sat 25-Jul-15 01:56:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pocketandsweet Sat 25-Jul-15 01:26:00

How do your kids feel? I think a lot depends on their personalties. We moved from the UK back "home " after 15 years in the UK. The kids had visited Canada many times on holiday throughout their lives but it was still a big deal. I think also you have a lot of reverse culture shock when you have been away for a significant period and you go "home".

I'm not sure what we will do ultimately but after nearly two years we are all "settled" and if it was just my husband and I we could happily go back to the UK...... For the kids I think we will probably stay til they have finished school here. I'm not sure this has helped you at all. I guess what I'm saying is that two years seems to me to be the amount of time it takes to feel like you "fit in" and im not sure that at that point you will be thrilled with the idea of relocating again. Hope that helps a bit.

Netballneleh Fri 24-Jul-15 08:41:52

We have lived in the USA for 9 years now. My dh is English as am I. We moved there originally for his job, and I found it really hard to settle for the first couple of years. We are settled now and have a good life, friends, etc. we come back to the uk once a year to visit family and friends. My husband has the opportunity of working back in the uk again, but possibly only for two years. We have 10 and 8 year old kids and I worry about their education being disrupted and about them having to try and settle only to be moved again. I always said I would want to come back to England, probably if/when my parents are sick. But they are both healthy and fine right now. My worry is it will break their heart if we come over for two years then leave again. My husband sees it as an adventure I am an emotional wreck already. Any advice?

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