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Considering move to US - help!!

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123xyzabc Tue 21-Jul-15 17:43:53

We may move to California with both of our jobs. A few questions:

1. How does nursery and school work? We have a one-year-old... Do you have to put name down for nurseries early like in London or is it less crazy? How can you find out about catchment areas?

2. Visas: if my work relocate me and he has a related visa can he work? Better to have his own visa? What's the best source for visa info?

3. If we rent out our house in UK which has a big mortgage do we have to pay tax on the income (which we need to cover the mortgage)? I heard we should move to an interest only mortgage... Is that right? Is there a good source for UK/US tax info and questions like this?

Any help much appreciated!!

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