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Giving birth in Italy...please give your experiences and advice

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TheOddity Thu 09-Jul-15 22:54:01

Since there is no current Little Italy thread I thought I'd open it up to the floor. Only three months pregnant but getting flustered now I have read on the Internet that there is no gas and air in Italy, virtually nowhere to give birth in water, the wards look very clinical, full on lights etc and both an ostetrica and gynaecologo in the room.....not my idea of a nice natural private birth.

I just basically want what I had first time, to be left alone in a dark room, in the birthing pool getting on with it quietly. It was really not that bad. Doesn't sound like a very Italian experience does it?! grin

I have also heard babies are put in a separate nido and you have to request them alla 1970s Britain. I would really not like this.

Trouble is, we live forty minutes from Cesena, 1.40hr from Bologna, so I have a feeling my options will be very limited!

HELP! Reassure me a normal hospital will be ok and I won't end up with an emergency C-section after they try to clamp me in stirrups and monitor anything that moves!

AmbrosiaCeleste Fri 10-Jul-15 07:48:45

I had both my babies in Italy, one in a big town and one in a small rural hospital and both times were absolutely fine. The midwives were lovely and the care was great. I was lucky to have very quick labours but at the larger hospital, there was a birthing pool available. There was no gas and air and not all hospitals offer epidurals. One time was on a bed, the other was squatting on the floor. Try and visit the hospital first or do the corso preparto to see what the hospital is like. Talk to the midwives to get a feeling of the kind of labour ward it is. Honestly, compared to some friends'experiences in the UK, I had nothing but positive experiences during the whole pregnancy and birth. Oh and afterwards, for a straightforward birth, I was kept in for 3 days I think each time, baby with me though you could ask them to keep it in nido if you wanted a rest. You can choose the hospital where you go so have a look around and find one that suits you. Hope this helps reassure you a bit .

TheOddity Mon 20-Jul-15 08:48:09

Thank you Ambrosia Celeste. This really helped.

albionica Wed 22-Jul-15 22:12:55

I'm sure you will be fine. I have had 2 very positive birth experiences in Italy, although admittedly both in hospital with an epidural. The midwives were fantastic and there was no need for a gynaecologist to intervene as everything went smoothly. I had to pay for the epidural (no gas and air available) but I think that may have changed since then. There isn't a nido where I gave birth so the babies stay with their mothers all the time, and you will generally be expected to stay in hospital for 48 hours after a straightforward birth, or maybe a bit more for a c-section.

I would recommend a corso preparto to see what the hospital is like or you could look for a " Casa Maternità" in your area which is a type of birthing centre focused on natural birth. I have heard of one in Bologna called "il nido" but that might be too far away for you.

Good luck!

joopy79 Wed 29-Jul-15 15:28:43

I had a great birthing experience. The mid wives were lovely and I was able to give birth without an epidural, I used massage and a hot water bottle for pain relief.
The aftercare was brilliant, they are pro-breastfeeding so they come around and check how you're getting on. There was a breastfeeding room with lots of cushions where you could go and a midwife would appear and help with latching on and positions.
They are also pro co-sleeping so they encouraged me to even though I was reluctant at the start though I'm glad I did. Any question do pm me.

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