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Living in Krakow

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Geobaby Fri 26-Jun-15 18:09:45

DH's job wants him to relocate to Krakow in the next couple of months for 2 years. I have heard nice things about Krakow, but mainly from tourists! Does anybody know what it's like to actually live there as an expat? We have 2 DC; one will be starting year 1 in Sept so presumably will go to the British school there. DC2 will be 20 months and staying at home with me.
The timing is awful...we are almost about to exchange contracts on a new house (relocating from Surrey to West Sussex) and I'm about to launch an online business selling fabric (have invested all my money in stock which has arrived, so I must sell it!). So basically our new house will be un-lived in and my business will struggle to survive, as the shipping costs from Poland to the UK will eat all my profit thus I won't be able to reinvest in stock. I can try and crack the Polish market, but that will be hard as I don't speak Polish and don't know the sewing community over there at all.
I don't know whether to shoot the idea down in flames and just move to West Sussex as planned and get stuck in to my business, or just say "f*&k it. YOLO!!" and go. Any advice or thoughts welcome!

tymianek Tue 07-Jul-15 19:37:37

I have not lived in Krakow as an ex-pat, but I lived in Warsaw as a local. Some advantages to think of: Krakow is a lovely, lively, very European town, with excellent cinemas, theatres and lots going on. Very close to the Tatra mountains, and the hills and ruined castles of Jura Krakowsko-Czestochowska, national parks, so plenty of opportunities for nice weekend trips. Assuming your husband has a decent UK salary, you will be able to afford a much better life than in the UK. Local food can be excellent, lots of very flavourful fruit and vegetable in season.
Polish is VERY hard to learn. However, most young people speak English very well, so you may not need it too badly (though it's worth trying!)
Not sure about selling fabric though... But shipping costs from Poland may be lower than you expect.
Hope this helps.

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