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Child ill during French Bac

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svalencia Mon 22-Jun-15 15:35:22

Wondering if any mums in France know what it's best to
do if your child becomes ill half way through the Bac exams?

Laptopwieldingharpy Mon 22-Jun-15 19:05:59

Start by documenting it with a certificat medical then speak to the school/academie about registering for session de rattrapage.
Poor thing!

svalencia Mon 22-Jun-15 20:12:15

thanks for the advice, seems better this evening after sleeping all afternoon, hopefully it was just the heat and not drinking enough during the 4 hour exam this morning! Fingers crossed there will be no need for the medical cert and all will be ok tomorrow.

frenchfancy Tue 23-Jun-15 07:36:18

I spoke to one of our teachers about this (maternelle not lycée but her daughter was doing the bac) apparently your need to be really bad - ie hospitalised - before they will take illness into account. I don't know how true that is though.

Laptopwieldingharpy Wed 24-Jun-15 04:30:38

Sending good vibes!

svalencia Wed 24-Jun-15 06:42:52

thanks for help and good wishes, think it was the heat/dehydration as thankfully all went well yesterday.

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