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Possible move to Lausanne--what to budget?

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Linguaphile Mon 15-Jun-15 10:57:44

DH is considering a job in Lausanne, which seems appealing as our disposable income would be double our current one after taxes and major bills like utilities, rent and health insurance. I suppose I'm just wondering how much I should budget for things like food, etc? We currently keep our supermarket outgoings pretty low in the UK (maybe £300/month) and almost never eat out as we have young kids and can't be bothered, but I know that food there is ridiculously expensive. We're happy to shop at Aldi and head to France periodically for some things, but what's a realistic expectation for what we would spend? We've got twin toddlers and a baby in the way.

NanoNinja Mon 15-Jun-15 13:36:21

I'm in Geneva, currently on mat leave with number two, so trying to budget on food. I can manage 700 CHF a month (including alcohol and nappies for two), but it's really hard! I use lidl for the odd shop, but don't really go to France.
Although tbh, food costs pale in comparison to insurances, rent, crèche fees. Pm if you want more info.

NanoNinja Mon 15-Jun-15 13:38:42

Sorry just read first part of message more carefully! See you have already included all of this!

Linguaphile Mon 15-Jun-15 15:25:13

Nano that's really helpful, thanks! I was ball-parking around £1000/month, so it's good to know that it hopefully won't be worse than that. The twins will be potty trained by the time we go, which should help hugely with nappy costs, but what do nappies generally run price-wise? Been thinking I should just switch to cloth nappying (stock up on supplies before we go) for this new one if they're really pricey.

We decided it would be much more cost-effective for me to stay at home with the children than pay crèche fees! Not a problem as I'm already home anyway. Also happy to just use public transport as DH's office would be cycling distance away.

Any more advice about budgeting would be very helpful though!

NanoNinja Mon 15-Jun-15 16:11:56

Ok, so for me, the big things that I notice as being more expensive are:
- Rent (you have that already, and Lausanne is cheaper than geneva
- medical (ditto), but the care is excellent
- clothes (I buy most of mine in the UK / get delivered)
- toiletries and haircuts
- meals out (not a huge concern for you though, you say)
- electric goods

Mind you it's ages since I was in London so price may have equalised a bit.

Public transport generally very good, so you're fine to rely on that. If you wanted to shop in France you would need a car, but there is a mobility scheme which is good for rentals on a subscription basis.

Not sure what leisure activities you enjoy (probably not many with two toddlers and a new born!), but sports facilities are good and reasonably priced.

Cleaners about 30 CHF an hour, French teachers about 50 CHF for private lessons (maybe more).

Nappies - I usually buy lidl - 9 CHF for 56. Pampers about twice that. If you look at you'll get an idea of prices - it's online shopping for one of the large chains here.

Let me know if you need any more info!

Branleuse Wed 17-Jun-15 17:27:44

no advice, but Lausanne is lovely. Much more character and cooler than Geneva

fretfree Sun 12-Jul-15 21:39:43

I might be a bit late for this thread, but just in case:

I also live in Switzerland. Some food items are ridiculously more expensive than e.g. going over the France. Meat is a big one, but the other I noticed recently (as we run out and I had to buy at one of the major chains) is Weetabix: costs 1.75 Euros for a pack of 24 in Carrefour in France. Costs 4.80 CHF (so around 4.75 Euros for comparison) in Migros in Geneva!

Another one is car insurance - if I compare the equivalent car/details in the UK, I would be paying about a third of what I pay here.

Internet/TV/phone will be around 100-130 CHF a month.

Check out the site - it is also in English and is great for making sure you have the best deals.

PM me if you like!

BretzeliBabas Mon 13-Jul-15 08:41:30

I'm in Lausanne. Unfortunatly i do spend about 1000.- a month on food. I consciously try to spend less. Coop is supposed to be the most expensive supermarket, Migros is meant to be cheaper and Aldi and Lidl cheaper even still. I wouldn't advise you try the Aldi on rue Saint Martin, it is constantly ransacked. I do find a lot of meat bargains at supermarkets on a Saturday night, they tend to discount 50% off, so have a look out for those. And if you want to go to France then Divonne is the easiest from Lausanne. The Carrefour is a supermarche not hypermarche but good enough.

And you mentioned you have twins; i am pretty sure there is a twin convention coming up soon in Lausanne. Might be a good starting point for you to meet a few other mums of twins.

So nice to hear that new people are moving in to the area, all we hear of is people moving out! Rent has dropped massively so you should grab a rental bargain.

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