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Anyone in or know Hawkes Bay, NZ?

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dontevenblink Sat 16-May-15 00:20:42

Hi, we currently live in the South Island but DH has a possible transfer to Hawkes Bay and I wondered if there are any mumsnetters who live there or know much about it? He would be working on a big project there which they are still not sure will go ahead or not, but if it does we may have to move fairly quickly so I'm trying to do a bit of research just in case!

Does anyone know where are nice areas to live? Dh's office would be in Hastings but he wouldn't be based there much so we are pretty flexible on where to live. Taradale and Havelock North have been mentioned as being nice? I have a 5 and 7 year old who need a good school plus a kindy for my 3 year old plus toddler groups (i have an 8 month old too). Really looking for a nice community as I'm worried about being able to meet people.

DH did give me the option of staying here as we have good friends here and he could fly back every couple of weeks, but with 4dc and no family support I'm not loving that idea... Obviously may not happen so not much point worrying yet but trying to be prepared just in case smile

KiwiJude Sun 17-May-15 22:44:41

For the past five years I've visited Havelock North once a year and that is what my post is based on smile Havelock North is much nicer than Taradale - it has an almost village feel to it - and is very different to Taradale so far as socio-economics go. We would live in Havelock North if it weren't so far away from the rest of our families.

If you're remotely interested in wine then Hawkes Bay is a fab place. Plus the climate is good, there are nice beaches, abundance of fruit and produce grown locally.

You would be best to do a flying recce trip and find rent somewhere to rent first then figure out where you want to live. With four dc and no family support I'd not be loving the idea of staying in the South Island with a FIFO husband either.

dontevenblink Fri 22-May-15 01:49:35

Thanks for your reply kiwijude! Havelock North does look really pretty and seems to have everything we would want on our doorstep which is great as I'd need to be able to walk everywhere. My only reservation was having read that some people found it a bit snobby and unfriendly, but then I've read the opposite too!

DH is away working in Auckland at the moment and the elder 2 dc are missing him like crazy so I think they'd hate him to be away long term, so I think if the project does happen I think we will definitely move.

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