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Laptopwieldingharpy Wed 06-May-15 01:27:52

We are (reluctantly) considering Dubai as a viable option for our next posting and starting to worry about school application timelines.

We would very much prefer "the" American school (there seems to be several) or a school with a strong american feel.
We are looking for the strongest possible academics and not particularly keen on IB (our children are primary and middle school) although we appreciate those are often the most academic options for secondary schools.
Last caveat, we are not american so would be very happy with a school that has a wide range of nationalities.
We went through too many school changes and moves already so for the sake of consistency we are happy to stick with a school environment they will quickly identify with.
We are currently in a top american school in Asia and transfer of transcripts etc....should be very straightforward as I expect they all use the same MAP testing to assess.
Are these schools generally selective? written tests? interviews etc.....

Could you please give me a list (ranked by academics) if you have any info?

Can you recommend any Dubai specific expat forum.

Any lead gratefully accepted! many thanks.

jomidmum Wed 06-May-15 09:03:23 has loads of info and links on it.
Hope you get everything sorted out ok.

Laptopwieldingharpy Wed 06-May-15 11:22:03

Thank you jomidmum.
I did find the links to ASD (former JAS) which seems to be what we are looking for.
Does anyone know if the waitlist is hopeless. Should we apply know for a (totally unsure) start in August 2016? can we wait until closer to the date?

Arabiankelpie Thu 07-May-15 04:52:30

As you are not American it would be worth applying to ASD now. There will be an entrance test.
The only really selective school in Dubai is Dubai College. It is a British curriculum school but has a very multicultural student body.

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