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Jakarta, info for a newbie

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ifink Tue 21-Apr-15 04:35:42

DH has just been offered a role there, the whole expat shebang so we are not too worried about the financial side of it but the traffic, school bus and overall busyness is freaking me out. Are there any Mnetters living there at the mo and be happy to give me some guidance? Probably going to look at BIS and AIS for the DC.....I'm concerned that the apparently well regarded BIS is going to be a long bus journey if we live in Kemang but as its only going to be a 2 year max stay wonder whether we could compromise on school and go with AIS as kids are currently in a state school in Queensland. Dh's office is in Cilandak so I've assumed Kemang will be OK (as far as Jakarta can be) commute wise. Help! Anything else I really must know before we commit??

ifink Mon 04-May-15 10:47:22

Bump.....really no Mnetters still in Jakarta ? (from my research thus far I can see why no one stays long...)

annieowl Mon 04-May-15 13:05:41

Hi Sorry you haven't find a Mnetter. I'm in KL , and there are several people in Singapore, but don't know anyone currently in jakarta.

I was there for a few months pre-kids (so about a million years ago!) so my knowledge of areas isn't current by any stretch.

My dh works there quite a lot, and the traffic is challenging until it rains and them becomes impossible.

I know a few people at BIS, and they live near school, and most of their social life is around school as well.

Try joining the British Women's FB group for more detailed info

ifink Tue 05-May-15 04:52:21

Thanks annieowl, I've joined the Facebook group! It has put me at ease a little ��....seem to be lots of folk just getting along with life over there, I'm sure I'll be ok. I've just received my new book 'Culture Shock Jakarta'....the first few pages made very interesting reading!!!!!!

Linguaphile Wed 13-May-15 16:02:08

Hello! My parents live in Indonesia. Jakarta isn't the sort of city you go to for outdoor life or clean traffic-free living--I'd say it's a very confined mall-and-skyscraper sort of existence, but if you don't mind that and if your kids are out of the toddler stage then it's not all that bad. Shopping malls are very nice and they're huge--a sort of western oasis. On an expat package you should be able to have a very nice standard of living, with money to go places like Thailand, KL or Singapore on weekends. I've heard good things about BIS (my brother went to boarding school but some of his peers went to BIS) and don't know much about AIS, but if you're far away I'd definitely go with the closer option. I've sat sometimes stopped in bumper-to-bumper traffic for 3 hours and gone maybe 1/4 of a mile! Closer is always better in Jakarta.

ifink Thu 14-May-15 11:28:52

Hey Linguaphile that's ace thank you. I think I'm over the initial shock. DH went to Jakarta last week and although didn't look round schools is clear that Kemang to Cilandak will be on the ok side traffic wise (ie not totally awful!) so I think on balance we'll try to get school in Kemang rather than BIS. Kids are of the stay at home board game/Lego type although one is a keen swimmer. Here's hoping we like AIS when we see it! Thanks again

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