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Dulwich College Singapore - where to live?

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TakeMeUpNorthMountain Mon 20-Apr-15 09:38:32

A very specific question, I know. But I toured the school today and wondered where families lived? I have been googling a few condos in Bukit Batok. I assume there is nowhere close enough to enable me to walk the kids to school? Was hoping to avoid the school bus but we won't be able to afford a car.

RecoveringPerfectionist Mon 20-Apr-15 10:34:48

I know a couple of people with kids at Dulwich and they live in Holland Village. Walking your kids to school in Singapore is not a pleasant experience lol.

londonmoo Mon 20-Apr-15 11:13:29

This is the exact same post that I put up when I was coming out to Singapore (a different school and a different site but same topic). I really wanted to avoid the school bus and thought we could walk, but I was advised against, and when I got here I realised why. It is crazy hot here, and even a ten-minute walk will have the kids wilting. Of course it is possible but there are no condos especially near Dulwich (yet), and even if there were, unpredictable weather means you might get caught in a sideways-rain monsoon storm, or the kids could just be too tired.
We now go to Dulwich and we live in the heart of Holland Village, our son is in Y5 (aged 10). The school bus takes 40 minutes from the end of lesson to home, which sounds hideous but when you think about it, even if you pick up by car there is always a certain amount of dangling about at the door, and hometime will always take a while. The bus is fine. I'm a Oh No Is He OK mum and I'm happy with it so far. He seems OK with the time that it takes. The outgoing bus to school seems to be a bit quicker, he leaves at 7.45, (8am if it's late). When it has been late, either way, I've complained and they've addressed it. It's always due to traffic that's beyond their control.
There are plenty of condo options closer to school than us, but nothing on the school's doorstep quite yet. Loads of people live on the public bus routes, which are plentiful and brilliant, running in all weathers fairly comfortably. It takes me x2 buses to get to school and although the trip takes a while, I love it. If it's an early morning run I often see some of the older students going on the bus alone; it's a really common way of travelling to the school.
Take a look at the StreetDirectory website –download the mobile app or look online – and it will give you 'Direction' options. Use it as a map to pinpoint some condos that you like the look of, and then plot your route. Good luck, and PM me if you have more questions.

TakeMeUpNorthMountain Mon 20-Apr-15 12:32:10

Thanks both for your advice! I am here in SP at the moment and yes, the heat really is something else. Toured Dulwich today and liked it, think my two would be happy there. However mine are only three and five and I really can't see the three year old going on the school bus. Do others really put their kids on the bus that young? And she will only do half days so presumably I will have to pick her up myself at lunch anyway.

londonmoo, good to hear your son is happy on the school bus and traveling from Holland V is do-able. It seems a nice area. We view Dover Court school tomorrow and will condos around there. Seems very convenient in terms of getting to downtown for work and possibly across to the west for school.

Thanks again for the advice, lot to get my head around.

londonmoo Mon 20-Apr-15 12:53:00

Glad you liked Dulwich. Thing is, wherever you go, unless you move literally next door, you just won't be able to walk.
You're not the only ones, though, and I think the solutions are to just live as close as you can and either bus or cab it in.
Dulwich has those brilliant bus routes I talked about.
Dover has some too, the number 33 stop just outside goes right to Varsity Park condo out on the West Coast (if it's not that bus it's another one), which our friends adore.
I really think public bus is going to be the answer. I agree I would find it hard to put a 3-year-old on a bus but they do start young here, and it's a very different bus environment than we're used to - they have Aunties and everything and safety legislations. Ask if you can talk to the bus companies and see what they suggest, and ask Admissions about living areas.
Condos around Bukit Timah, Bukit Batok, Chinese Gardens, Lakeside and the top of Dunearn Road (Maplewoods, Park Natura, The Terrene, Le Jardin) all seem to be popular. I'm probably making up some of the names but go to and take a look at some of these places, then look on Property Guru too to compare.

londonmoo Mon 20-Apr-15 12:53:59

Sorry, meant to say that for Dover the two walkable (kind of, ish) places are Heritage View and Dover Parkview:
(hope that link works)

TakeMeUpNorthMountain Tue 21-Apr-15 10:32:40

londonmoo, just popping on again to say thanks for the advice. Talked more about the school buses with the admissions lady at Dover Court and I'm getting comfortable with it, especially as my two will be together. Bus aunties sound lovely!

Property guy took us to Dover Parkside today and d'Leedon, helpful to get an idea of the area and how far our money will go.

Think we are leaning towards Dulwich (though Dover was very lovely, great feel) so will get googling on your suggestions, thanks again.

RecoveringPerfectionist Tue 21-Apr-15 12:19:31

Glad Londonmoo popped on - she was one of the ones I was referring to!

We used to send our two (then 9 and 7) on the school bus in the mornings and then I would meet them at school on the MRT and bring them home. It was a 45 minute journey with a bit of a walk each end (slowly slowly) and 20 minutes on the MRT. The bus was about the same tbh. But my youngest DS particularly was very unsettled (understatement lol) and actually it wasn't as if I had oodles to do in those first months so it was no biggie. The second term they were used to things and were happy to go there and back on the bus (by then they had also met bus buddies from neighbouring condos).

dameonclark Thu 19-Jan-17 01:01:41

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