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Moving to KL - dengue fever concerns

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Happylass13 Sun 12-Apr-15 22:35:38

I've posted on an old thread recently about moving to Kuala Lumpur and had some lovely responses from fatowl but it seems to have been deleted as I can't find it so thought I would start a new post. Thank you for your replies fatowl you have been very helpful so far. Here's the story...

We are moving as a family to Kuala Lumpur this August (hubby, me and 3yr old daughter). All the prep is going well, then I hear about a Dengue fever outbreak in the city and that a new strain of the virus has been discovered.
On further research we've read that it can be potentially lethal for young children, and if you get it a second time the consequences can be very serious.

Our daughter obviously means the world to us and we don't want to put her in harms way. All the info we are reading is not making us feel very comfortable with the move and it's getting to the point where we are considering not going.

Now we are not the sort of people to normally flap about such things but with the little one we are having serious doubts. Anyone have experience of dengue fever or any advice to help settle our minds? Thanks in advance for your help.

PotteringAlong Sun 12-Apr-15 22:39:10

My DH has has dengue fever. It's recurred once. He's fine but not allowed to donate blood any more!

fatowl Sun 12-Apr-15 23:29:12

What info are you reading? I know there is a fair amount around at the moment (like flu does in the UK).

I've not heard of a new strain and KL is functioning normally I can assure you.

Dengue prevention is sensible precautions like fogging for mosquitoes and prevention .

Seriously I wouldn't worry to much . Even local FB groups (the usual harbingers of doom) have nothing on dengue arm

fatowl Sun 12-Apr-15 23:29:35

Atm not arm !

fatowl Mon 13-Apr-15 00:46:00

You got me worried that I was missing something, so I had a read, and yes there is a spike of cases at the moment. It will pass though, normal precautions prevail.
It's honestly no worse than a winter outbreak of flu or novovirus in Europe. Deaths are primarily in the very old, infants under 1 and people who are immuno-compromised.

I know many, many people, including my dh, who have had it and thrown it off. You are ill with flu-like symptoms for a few days and then a very tired, wiped out feeling for a few weeks. Hospitalisation can be required (but not always) if a rehydration drip is required.

The info I've been reading (told you you got me worried!), has Dengue as the 41st cause of death in Malaysia, a long way behind road accidents, violent crime, drowning, and influenza/pneumonia.

Would this be your first overseas post, Happy?

PotteringAlong Mon 13-Apr-15 03:39:34

My DH threw it off too. No hospitalization required.

Coyoacan Mon 13-Apr-15 04:55:23

I live in Mexico and a friend of mine got dengue. From my consequent research on the internet there are four types of dengue. When you get one kind it is unpleasant but you develop immunity to that type, but if you later get another kind it can be life threatening.

Coyoacan Mon 13-Apr-15 04:56:15

In hot places the authorities should take care to make sure that there is never any stagnant water around.

Happylass13 Mon 13-Apr-15 23:25:29

Thank you for all your responses. Sorry fatowl I didn't mean to get you worried! I'm really not one to usually worry about these things but I was sent info on dengue on some medical forms for my new post and it had me concerned. It used some rather strong words like 'major international public health concern' and quite nicely ended with 'these illnesses are potentially lethal and are today the leading cause of childhood mortality in several Asian countries.' What a way to settle you into your new job lol!
Yes this is my first international post-is it that obvious!
I've since done some further research and it's not really clear-lots of contradictory information. I just need get to a place where I can settle it in my mind and feel confident that I'm not going to panic each time my dd or DH show symptoms. Your responses are reassuring however so thank you...I'm sure I'll get there before Aug (had a few sleepless nights though)!

Laptopwieldingharpy Tue 14-Apr-15 01:22:44

I think this is one of those issues that are somehow blown out of proportion seen from afar.
In south east Asia it can be as common as a flu epidemic as said by previous posters.
Sanitary precautions in situ are really good, the public well informed about day to day management and medical facilities well prepared to deal with it. One of the reasons it is very well managed in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore for instance is that public health authorities take it seriously, use strong language to impress the public and maintain order!
Don't worry, you will be OK!
In singapore for instance, when you get your visa/stamp from local immigration, you are given leaflets about how to maintain health in a tropical climate. You get them regularly in the post too, there are posters in public spaces, alerts from schools etc.......Am sure there is something similar in KL if there is any concern.
Good luck!

mmgirish Wed 15-Apr-15 02:14:53

My son got dengue a few years ago. The problem was that he didn't display any symptoms until we came home on holiday. If we had still been in SE Asia, he would have been fine as they are very clued up to tropical problems such as dengue. Unfortunately the hospital at home hadn't a clue what to do with him. He would have received much better care at home. I wouldn't let dengue put me off moving to a country.

Happylass13 Thu 16-Apr-15 23:03:50

Thank you taking the time to respond. Your replies are reassuring and it seems there are ways to reduce the risk - I'd better stock up on deet! I have access to some amazing medical care and I guess that's all we can do. There's always a risk in an adventure! Huge thanks guys and for anyone in KL it would be great to have a coffee!

Happylass13 Thu 16-Apr-15 23:05:09

Btw mmgirish did your son recover well? I hope he was ok.

fatowl Fri 17-Apr-15 10:03:09

Assume you are coming out for the academic year starting Sept 2015, I'll still be here, happy to chat anytime, either on here or PM

mmgirish Mon 27-Apr-15 17:59:05

Hey happy, he was fine. When in the tropics just stick to calpol or other paracetamol based medicine if your children have a fever. Be careful with deet too. It doesn't always stop mozzies biting and is pretty toxic. I now use those stickers on my children's clothes and citronella spray from boots. I never spray deet on them as I've never ever found it more effective at keeping them away.

Becsinpta Tue 28-Apr-15 17:52:16

Hi Happy

I lived in kl for nearly 7 years, neither myself, my partner nor our three young kids got dengue. Don't get me wrong, it exists and it's not nice, but I wouldn't worry too much about it beyond the normal mossie precautions. Enjoy KL, we moved from there late last year and I miss it greatly, would go back in a heartbeat :-)

Happylass13 Tue 12-May-15 21:35:15

Thanks you all so much for your help! You will be pleased to know we feel much more settled abiut the issue. Flights are booked, house rented and we are so excited to start our new adventure. I'll pm you when I arrive fatowl if that's ok as im sure that I'll have more questions! Next concerns are what to bring - hoover or no hoover, duvet or no duvet! So manu decisions! Getting a quote from a company called Anglo Pacific. Anyone have any other recommendations for others to use? Thanks again. Talking to you guys makes a difficult move much easier!

fatowl Fri 15-May-15 02:34:11

Glad you're feeling happier Happylass

When are you coming out?

specialsubject Sun 17-May-15 10:57:46

my partner got it (probably in KL) when we were on holiday in Malaysia. The night the symptoms started is not one either of us will forget. Believe me, it is NOT flu and you will know if someone has it. Yes, we used DEET but it wears off and he came across the mosquito with his name on.

Two nights in (an excellent) Malay hospital for observation, eight weeks to recover. He was wiped out by it and he was very fit before.

the big risk is getting it twice (there are four strains, he is now immune to one) which gives you a greatly increased chance of possibly fatal bleeding. So we won't be going back to the tropics except possibly Singapore.

obviously millions of people live with this risk and you have to be unlucky to get it. You have to live your life - but please keep up with the DEET and join in the anti-mosquito precautions.

glorious Sun 17-May-15 11:55:34

We're on holiday in Malaysia with our 2yo at the moment and I have seen all of one mosquito in 2 weeks, ironically on the airport express train. We are being very careful with long trousers and sleeves and DEET all the same. I felt much better when I looked up the stats on cases per head of population. It's a genuine risk but a very small one.

Happylass13 Tue 26-May-15 22:14:01

Will be next on my list to stock up with DEET. If anyone has any ideas which one is best please let me know. Fatowl, I arrive early Aug. Yay! Strange question but can you buy a Christmas tree over there or is it worth bringing ours with us? I love Christmas and don't want the little one to miss out.

RecoveringPerfectionist Tue 26-May-15 22:56:38

Apparently Avon Skin So Softly is a very good deterrent.

fatowl Wed 27-May-15 00:22:55

I hope to be in the UK early August, but happy to chat anyway.

Yes you can get Christmas trees. Good artificial ones aren't cheap but you can get them. IKEA get real ones in, which is where most people get them from, they usually sell out so go early. There is usually a shout out on FB that IKEA trees are in, cue a mass trip out to IKEA to get trees.

Samzistar25 Wed 13-Jul-16 13:15:09

Hi. Planning to move to kl from Dubai.Can anyone give me some info on International school at Desa park city. I have two girls aged 15 and 12..Have looked at website of ISP at desa park city and Garden international. jst wondering if the secondary at ISP is good ....r the previous results of Gcse and A levels good? Also is Desa parkcity a good area to live in? How about Damansara ?(which damansara is closest to garden school?appreciate any tips on schools and living in kl. Have visited Kl as a tourist and love the place. ....but settling there is a different story. advice

MyFriendsCallMeOh Wed 13-Jul-16 16:24:13

Have a look at Expat Insider guides, they have a downloadable guide on moving to KL.

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