Anyone know about inheritance in France?

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riverboat1 Sun 05-Apr-15 09:49:05

Hi all

I am trying to find out about what tax I would pay in this situation.

My father recently died unexpectedly, meaning I am now the sole beneficiary of my grandmother's will. She is British and living in the UK. She has her house and some cash assets, totalling probably less than £200,000. (Of course this could all be mute if she needs to use her assets to fund future care, but for argument's sake lets say I end up inheriting something.)

I am a British national, but now resident in France and earning/paying taxes here. If I inherit from my grandmother, would I pay inheritance tax according to French law or UK law?

My mother, grandmother and I are trying to get to the bottom of things, gran is very anxious to know what will happen to her money after she goes.

Thanks for any experience/advice on this!

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Undeuxtwatcinq Sun 05-Apr-15 18:55:59

Hi does this help?


MsMargaretHale Mon 06-Apr-15 19:11:46

£200,000 falls well below the inheritance tax threshold in Uk so there would be no tax to pay. Not sure about the situation in France. Much will depend on your personal circumstances. But as you say it may all be academic.

tb Thu 09-Apr-15 17:50:16

Zero, if her house and all her goods and chattels are in the UK.

Your domicile has nothing to do with the IHT payable on your gran's estate.

Bricks and mortar are always taxed according to the country where they are, not according to the recipient's domicile.

She will be able to leave about £650k without any IHT being payable, assuming that your grandfather didn't use up any of his nil-rate band.


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