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Melborne - Yarra School

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caper555 Sun 29-Mar-15 18:00:03

We are relocating to Melbourne, will live in Richmond...anyone know of Yarra School? Thanks grin

echt Mon 30-Mar-15 06:05:45

Do you mean Yarra Primary School? Can't find a reference for Yarra School.

caper555 Mon 30-Mar-15 07:07:04

Yes, my mistake - Yarra Primary School

echt Mon 30-Mar-15 22:33:59

I live in a different suburb but can tell you Richmond is an ex-working class now very chic area, not to mention hipsterish. grin Don't let this put you off.
I've been on YPS's website. As it's a state school, if you live in the zone, they have to take you. There's a gifted and talented program mentioned on the home page, and if you look at the names of the children mentioned there, it will tell you something about the intake, and I don't mean this in a sneering way. Their homework policy looks very sensible.

Very bravely the principal makes no mention of NAPLAN at all and I for one applaud this. All schools have to do it (think SATs), and some go to ludicrous extents to prep their children for this. Others are sensible, as I imagine this school appears to be.

They do have mostly composite (mixed-age) classes and if this is important for you, it would be worth checking out which years this applies to.

echt Mon 30-Mar-15 22:45:42

You can find out more info on the My School website.

caper555 Thu 02-Apr-15 07:55:09

Thanks so much echt! Will look into information. Where in Melbourne are you?

echt Thu 02-Apr-15 11:09:52

Have PMd you.

comebacksun Wed 27-May-15 15:55:11

Caper, we are relocating to Melbourne too - can I ask how you decided on Richmond? Was it based on where you'll be working?
We're trying to decide which area will suit us, we'd like a quiet, family oriented suburb really.
Good luck with finding the right school, I'd love to hear more about your experience, as the whole move is becoming quite daunting!

caper555 Thu 28-May-15 09:36:34

Have PM'ed you Sun grin

comebacksun Thu 28-May-15 10:21:37

pm'd you too! smile

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