Cayman Islands to the UK - shipping questions

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LexLoofah Wed 11-Mar-15 20:02:24

Hello on the off chance that any one on here has moved from the Cayman Islands back to the UK what shipping company did you use, did it go OK and how long did your 'stuff' take to arrive?


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Strokethefurrywall Wed 11-Mar-15 20:07:49

Hi Lex - I'm here in cayman too. Friends have just moved back to UK, I'll ask them who they used.

LexLoofah Wed 11-Mar-15 20:13:06

stroke brilliant I thought I was the only Cayman based Mum on here you hardly ever see it mentioned, if you could find out that would be great thanks

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Strokethefurrywall Wed 11-Mar-15 20:22:51

And here was I thinking I was the only one!!! grin we could do our own "mumsnet local meetup" haha!
I'll email them now, hope to have an answer for you shortly.

LexLoofah Thu 12-Mar-15 13:47:02

well now we know there are at least two of us, I wonder if more will come out of the woodwork - being the small island that it is I am willing to bet we know each other anyway!!!!

I asked MN about a Cayman local but they don't have plans for overseas ones yet, anyway nevermind for me at least as will be in a UK local one by summer. thanks for asking about shipping for me, so much to do and not as easy when we moved here without kids and all their stuff not to mention school places etc etc

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Strokethefurrywall Fri 13-Mar-15 15:33:03

Hi Lex

I heard back from my friend who left, just going to copy what she wrote and paste it here!
They sent their stuff back on AA Cargo on the same flight. They sent back nearly 500 pounds in weight 16 items a mixture of boxes, luggage and some pictures cost $350 us dollars. They did need an agent at Heathrow to clear the stuff but only cost £65.

I guess get in touch with whichever airline you're flying with. They flew a as they flew the pets back with them.

Must be hard to pack your life up after kids here tho, I came as a single person 8 years ago and we're applying for PR now. One husband (met on a party boat!), two homes, two dogs, two kids - if we had to leave now I have no idea how we'd do it!!!

LexLoofah Fri 13-Mar-15 16:33:50

stroke that is great thanks, we will be flying AA so that would work out and to have have everything arrive with us would be great. leaving furniture here so should just (ha ha) be loads of boxes, cases and our big green egg - actually no idea how we are going to pack that!

Good luck with PR, I got it last year under the old law as we thought we were staying but then of course you never know what the future holds do you? plus for us better move now before kids get any older or acquire more stuff!


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Roh Fri 26-Jun-15 12:43:07

Hi Lexloofah - suddenly, v much out of the blue my husb and I (and boy aged 6 and girl aged 4) are considering moving to CI - are you out there? I am concerned about the schools. From a brief review they all look very religion-based. Are they very academic? And also will they have spaces available at last minute? Any thoughts gratefully received.

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