Anybody in Malta?

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IEatBadgers Wed 11-Mar-15 16:32:39

We are considering a move to Malta in the next year. We have never lived abroad and seem to have a case of itchy feet. We have visited there a few time and really like it but are unsure of the practicalities of everyday life.

Dh works in IT and I understand there are quite a few jobs there in iGaming and the likes. I know salaries are lower there than here(we live in Ireland at the moment) but I am unsure how the cost of living correlates to that.

If anyone could give me a rough idea of what an ok income would be there I would really appreciate it. I have no idea how much things like rent, water, electric, shopping would be for a family of four.

We live a pretty basic life here in Ireland, all we want to know is that we wouldn't be struggling to pay the bills and have a bit left over for the odd treat.

Then there is the matter of schooling, are public schools good over there, do they use much English in them? Our kids are 5 and 7 and I do worry about how they adjust.

And finally(sorry for the epic post!) do you like it there? Is there anything about everyday life that you love or hate?

Any replies would be hugely appreciated, you can pm if you'd prefer nit to talk finances on a public forum!

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voodoohoodoo Thu 02-Apr-15 09:49:59

Hi, lived in Malta for a year and a half would strongly urge you to visit and look at flats/jobs first before you make the move.
Also take extreme caution when signing an employment contract and check local employment law, in line with the EU it isn't!
Please feel free to pm me with any specific questions.

eliseelliott Fri 22-May-15 16:38:01


My partner and I moved from the UK to Malta in October last year and I had our daughter shortly after. If you're still in need of some info just shout-I'd be more than happy to help. I won't start reeling off the points on your message in case you're not still about!

Hope to hear from you.

All the best,

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