"World" book day in other countries?

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clearsommespace Fri 06-Mar-15 13:12:17

Where do you live and does anything happen?

I'm in France and I didn't see any French mention of it yesterday. In fact if I search for it in French, apparently it is on 23rd April.

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Clutterbugsmum Fri 06-Mar-15 14:16:50

In England it was Yesterday.

clearsommespace Fri 06-Mar-15 15:11:37

Sorry, I should have specified in other places than the UK.
It's all over mn at the moment and I find it interesting that it's called 'world' book day and yet there's no mention of it in the country where I live.

So I wondered whether it is celebrated or ignored in other countries....

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MisterDobalina Fri 06-Mar-15 15:15:04

I'm in South America, it's known where I am but my children's school has a book week instead, I think it was in November or December.

butterfliesinmytummy Fri 06-Mar-15 17:01:51

We did it but we are in an international school in the USA - we also did at at the international school in Singapore. Nothing from my local friends about it though so I guess it's not really done here.

Hulababy Fri 06-Mar-15 17:10:04

According to Wikipedia (I know, I know!) the official date is April 23rd, set up by UNESCO.
Not sure why we celebrate it a month early

Kelly1814 Fri 06-Mar-15 17:47:45

Yes, it is huge in the country that I live in. Huge.


chloeb2002 Fri 06-Mar-15 18:51:06

Not sure what date, but our kids go to school dressed up as their favourite book character ��

SingSongSlummy Fri 06-Mar-15 18:59:22

23rd April is the birthday of both Shakespeare and Cervantes and is celebrated in Spain as part of a saints day festival where women give men a book!

EmEyeFaive Fri 06-Mar-15 19:01:54

Italy. (North, rural corner not too far from economic capital)

Bugger all existence of WBD in my locality.

I wouldn't even know about it if not for MN.

BriocheDoree Fri 06-Mar-15 19:26:28

No mention of it in my kids (French) school. I only heard of it because I work in an international school.

elQuintoConyo Sat 07-Mar-15 08:30:53

The part of Spain I live in it is huge, but as the festival of St George. Man gives woman a rose (which grew from the blood spilled when George killed the dragon), woman gives man a book. Bugger all dressing up!

Inkspellme Sat 07-Mar-15 09:44:12

getting bigger in Ireland. For the last number of years the primary school kids all received the book voucher for world book day but this year the dressing up for it seemed to have been added. also book sales and swaps in schools. Awful lot if girls dressed up as Disney princess going on - not exactly what I would say was world book day ideals but each to their own.

The book shops were doing a lot of readings and storytelling sessions on the day too.

Nolim Sat 07-Mar-15 09:54:51

I have lived in other countries before and this is the first time i hear about book day.

I think there was a book month somewhere but the dressing up is new to me.

SuisseRomandeMaman Sat 07-Mar-15 13:09:24

23rd April in Switzerland but there are events in our town on 22nd April which is a wednesday (half day for all school kids)

Isthiscorrect Sat 07-Mar-15 14:35:54

We celebrated world book day, this last week. As a senior school we don't do dress up but we do run competitions, charades, book title bingo, word power, elevator pitch for favourite book, teachers reading from their favourite books. 6th formers play a big part in this, at least those who are currently in the application for next years head boy/ girl, house captain etc.

Sorry forgot to say we are in Dubai. I know from friends that it is celebrated all across the GCC.

Rosa Sat 07-Mar-15 14:38:05

Another Italy - nope nothing !

clearsommespace Sat 07-Mar-15 19:52:59

Thanks all.

Hulababy, I didn't even think of Wikipedia. It answers your query thus:

"In the UK, World Book Day is held annually on the first Thursday in March, as 23 April clashes with Easter school holidays; 23 April is also the National Saint's Day of England, St George's Day."

I will pay attention in April to see if anything happens here in France.

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kelda Sat 07-Mar-15 19:56:54

In Belgium my girls have had to read books and give presentations.

Alligatorpie Sat 07-Mar-15 22:45:49

I had never heard of it until I moved to England.

JellyTipisthebest Sun 08-Mar-15 04:21:35

new zealand, doesn't happen here

lemonpoppyseed Sun 08-Mar-15 06:49:12

Canada, and not here either

hopefulpuffin Sun 08-Mar-15 07:03:03

The US doesn't really do World Book Day but elementary/primary schools often do a week of special activities associated with Dr. Seuss' birthday on March 2.

DS had activities at school this week and we went to our local library for a special Seussian story/craft time too.

MrTumblesBavarianFanbase Sun 08-Mar-15 07:09:07

The international school attended by the children of a few acquaintances does it, but state schools don't (Germany). I've always assumed it's a British invention that whoever initiated tagged "world" onto to make it sound official.

BertieBotts Sun 08-Mar-15 07:12:35

Nothing in Germany. On the subject of supposed world days, though, there's a big thing here called world savings day on 30 October. Banks give out free piggy banks which you save in all year, and the next year they open it with a little key. Never heard of that anywhere else!

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