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moving to Thailand

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philippaanderson Mon 16-Feb-15 10:39:51

Hi. My husband, 2 boys (4yrs and 6yrs) are thinking of moving to Thailand to open a branch of my husbands Tech company and to move away from our very small island of Jersey. We are looking at Bangkok at the moment although we wouldn't rule out Chiang Mai. We are visiting in March for a month. I have had a look at schools in Bangkok. Both Pantana and NIST seem to be impressive. Has anyone got any opinions on these schools? I'm not sure we want to live too far out of the city which is why i'm leaning towards NIST. But I would very much value anyone's opinions. We are hoping to make a commitment to our relocation for about 5-7years to allow our children to complete Primary school.Many thanks
Also, if anyone has any opinion on Chiang Mai. We have visited a couple of times but before children. Is it a little sleepy?
Thanks again

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