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Shakshuka Mon 16-Feb-15 00:57:59

This is probably premature as I don't have an offer yet but I was interviewed for a post in Manila.

Trying to find out as much as possible just in case - housing, schools, safety etc

I have 3 kids aged 11, 8 and 6 months - and a not so keen dh.

Any info will be gratefully received !

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BobbyGentry Mon 16-Feb-15 01:24:03

Some thoughts...

... believe it's a city of wide poverty divides; slums next to five star bubbles.

There's good a British International School serving the international community.

Some people carry guns (of course not everyone) and in the Mall of Asia, there's detectors as you enter.

Fantastic (really fantastic) holiday opportunities.

In Asia, many Filipinos work outside of the Philippines as home helpers (nannies) or singers/musicians in bands.

Filipinos speak Tagalog.

Filipinos are mostly strict Roman Catholics.

Blue eggs are a delicacy and gross.

... it would be a good move if you go with open minds.

Shakshuka Mon 16-Feb-15 01:36:09

Knew most of that apart from the blue eggs (huh??) and the guns! shock

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ShanghaiDiva Mon 16-Feb-15 01:51:57

Have only been to Cebu city, not Manila, but it did not feel very safe there. All shopping centres have tight secuity (detectors as you enter) and there were armed security guards in restaurants. I have travelled a lot in SE Asia and I would not move there.

Shakshuka Mon 16-Feb-15 02:43:17

Oh I don't like the sound of that.

I lived in Israel beforr and that all sounds very familiar. Wonder if it's crime or terrorism.

I also travelled a lot in SE Asia and lived three for a couple of years but it was a long time ago and pre-kids. I always felt safe even wandering around as a young single woman but I didn't make it to the Philippines.

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mmgirish Thu 19-Feb-15 15:33:17

I lived in Manila for 6 years. I loved it. Always felt very safe. Much safer than when I lived in the UK actually. PM me if you have specific questions.

Shakshuka Sat 21-Feb-15 01:04:03

Thank you mmgirish.

If I get the job <still waiting for an answer> I'll certainly take you up on your kind offer.

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