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missrose77 Sun 15-Feb-15 14:24:11

Hello all,

I'm registering (or at least putting on wait lists) my 2.5 year old son for the public schools in the Ixelles area to start in Sept 2015.

So far, I think I have 2 spots:

- Institut Saint-Jean-Baptiste de la Salle on Rue Moris
- Groupe scolaire n°5 des Etangs on Rue Alphonse De Witte.

- Waiting list for Centre scolaire de Ma Campagne on Rue Africaine - this is my first choice as it is a 5 min walk from our house.

We are on other lists, but these seem like a good selection. Does anyone have any feedback or experience with any of these three schools? I have not been able to gauge the level of each school or if there are any red flags. Input is very helpful! He is going into Maternelle 1, so not overly worried about "education", but do want him to have a good experience.

Thank you!

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cannotseeanend Sun 15-Feb-15 18:52:01

Ma Campagne gets good feedback on hearsay, cannot comment personally as I don't live there or have children in that area.

Des Etangs, well I've heard mixed reviews.

Never met anyone with kids in St Jean Baptiste, but that area is a bit more affluent than central or western St Gilles, so wouldn't be worrying.

Walk past the schools at different times of day, see how much the teacher's care.

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