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Where to live if you work on Wall Street?

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LifeAfterLife Fri 23-Jan-15 21:48:42

My boss has just raised the idea of a move to NYC, based on Wall Street.

The relocation package will be good, I'm not a banker so not amazing, but they'll look after us I think.

It's the practicalities that are freaking me out, where to live, how to find child care, make friends, have a nice life???

Does anyone have any ideas how best to start? The problem with New York, seems to be too much info and no idea what to believe.

Thanks for your help,

fizzycolagurlie Mon 26-Jan-15 01:19:14

Do you want to live in the city, or the burbs?

If you want to live in the city you can pick Manhattan or Brooklyn, as Wall st is right at the bottom of Manhattan island its close to Brooklyn for subways, or even walking over the bridge.

If you want the burbs you'd got quite a bit of choice - Connecticut, New Jersey and parts of New York.

Have you visited? Do you know areas you like the sound of? Might be worth checking out first if not.

FlipFantasia Mon 26-Jan-15 01:33:53

My husband works on Wall St and we live in North Jersey (South Orange). He has colleagues who live all over. Those with kids tend to live in places like Jersey City and burbs like us (or Maplewood or Summit or Montclair) or Queens and those without kids tend to live in cool (but expensive) spots like Dumbo or the East Village.

LifeAfterLife Mon 26-Jan-15 22:20:33

We live in West London at the moment. It'll be my DH and DC(3) that'll be moving. I don't want a massive commute, so I think that rules out Connecticut. Under an hour if I can get away with it?

I want Chiswick equivalent I think. Places for families and adults, entertainment at the weekend without having to go for miles. I'd like it to be safe. We'll need childcare, so that's another thought. I don't want to be the only couple with children.

Any thoughts?

fizzycolagurlie Tue 27-Jan-15 18:46:02

Riverside Ct is 30 mins to Grand Central and then its 10 on the subway to Wall St. That's why its so expensive to live there - the commute is amazing. And its the most Chiswick you'll get outside of the UK. Excellent schools (when its time).

googietheegg Wed 28-Jan-15 06:05:29

Have you seen Joanna Goddard's blog Cup of Jo? It's all about living in New York as a family with kids

paxtecum Wed 28-Jan-15 06:15:32

Check out child care before you agree to move.
A friend works on Wall St, live in manhatten and pay a fortune for child care.

FlipFantasia Wed 28-Jan-15 14:35:10

We're half an hour from Penn Station in midtown. Takes my husband about 50mins, door to desk on Wall St.

Think about schools too as your 3 year old will be starting kindergarten before you know it (in NYC kids born in 2010 start kindergarten this year).

Bue Wed 28-Jan-15 18:54:26

I think it depends what you mean by Chiswick equivalent. It's not the sort of place that translates to NY very well! Do you want the leafy aspect of Chiswick? Or the yummy mummy urban but still livable side of Chiswick? If it's the latter I think parts of Brooklyn would suit you better.

Want2bSupermum Wed 28-Jan-15 20:09:09

How old are your DC? Are private schools an option? Do you plan to move back to the UK? IB programs are available in some school districts and probably better those looking to move back to the UK at a later date. Do any of your DC have SN?

Brooklyn is $$$ with schools that are mediocre for the money you pay. I would look at Hoboken if you can afford private schools or get into one of the charter school (extremely hard to get into so don't count on it) or follow Flip to South Orange/Maplewood (SoMa), Montclair, Millburn (short hills is a division of millburn) or Summit.

We were out by Flip but are now in Hoboken due to South Orange school district not being helpful with DD (aged 3 and showing signs of developmental issues) and me wanting to get home before 10pm. She started school in September as they have a fully funded pre-K program for 3 and 4 year olds. Hoboken have been great with DD. She was assessed and has an IEP. Apparently she has a tracking issue and auditory processing issue (called she doesn't listen) which is very common but needs to be fixed.

Childcare in Hoboken is not cheap but is certainly cheaper than other towns. I pay $1400 a month for DS for 730-530. They feed him too so much easier. DD is in wrap from 730am-6pm which is $800 a month but I get a 25% discount as 2nd child. Bright Horizons is upper price range at $2200 and offers 7am-7pm. My friend uses them and their DC is dressed for bed when they pick up.

Afterschool for public schools: Wallace is $150/month with callabrio being higher at $250ish due to fewer children in the school. Connor School doesn't have 5 day a week afterschool program. I think it is 3 days a week. Other mothers in DD's class tell me that Connor is offering 5 day a week wrap next year.

I lived in Brook Green 10 years ago and I think Hoboken is similar but more family friendly. There is so much to do at weekends and all without getting in a car. If you move to the burbs you must have a car or you will go insane.

LifeAfterLife Wed 28-Jan-15 22:33:48

Thanks so much for the advice, I'm away to Google and find out a bit more about the options.

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