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Woo hoo heading to Sydney for the weekend - what to do??

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Archduke Thu 22-Jan-15 03:36:21

Hi all - asking for advice here, kids, dh and I are heading to Sydney for the weekend in Feb, we have a wedding on Sun night, but will be free for most of the day on Sunday and Monday - Do you have any recommendations for ace things to do with the kids?

We live in the sticks in South Australia so we are TOTAL country bumpkins so anything will be brilliant, but am thinking of Manly or Watsons Bay ferry ride (lunch at Doyles grin) maybe the Aquarium?? But really happy to take suggestions.

Oh, kids are both girls and aged 9 and 7.

I think we'll be staying in Newtown with friends or possibly in swanky central apartment if DH can swing it with his work to fund accommodation. But wherever will be reasonably central.


StUmbrageinSkelt Thu 22-Jan-15 03:49:54

The Powerhouse museum. If you catch the ferry to Darling Harbour you can do that and the aquarium easily.

crabb Thu 22-Jan-15 04:00:59

The zoo is fabulous - great ferry ride to get there, cable car from ferry to the zoo entrance then walk downhill back to ferry through the zoo with breathtaking harbour views. The aquarium at Darling Harbour is also great.

UmmAbdillah Thu 22-Jan-15 04:20:38

Not sure if appropriate for ages/type of activity but Sydney bridge climb (saw loads of kids on it - it's a walk up steps and back down rather than a climb), manly ferry like you mentioned, opera house - sorry, don't live there, just mentioning a few things did there during a 2 day visit few years back. Hope you have fun flowers

Archduke Thu 22-Jan-15 05:21:51

Thanks so much, the zoo sounds ace, and will look up the Powerhouse museum, I've never heard of it (see, bumpkin).

UmmAbdillah, the thought of the Bridge climb makes me want to howl. The kids and dh would love it though.

bunnygirl80 Thu 22-Jan-15 05:29:26

The ferry to Taronga zoo is a must do. There is very little shade at the zoo though, so bear that in mind if it's a hot day.

The botanic gardens are nice for a wander, followed by (overpriced) lunch at circular quay

Scotinoz Thu 22-Jan-15 10:06:17

The aquarium is good.

There was a circus exhibition on at the Powerhouse museum - it was on when I was in Sydney at the start of the month but not sure when it ran until.

I think the maritime museum is good but I like boats and subs

Scotinoz Thu 22-Jan-15 10:09:30

Oh, and there was a Lynley Dodd (the Hairy Mclairy lady...can't remember if I've got the right name) exhibit at the library but not sure when it finishes. Not sure if 7 and 9 year olds are into that - I do, and my toddler likes her toy Hairy wink

crabb Fri 23-Jan-15 04:46:47

There's an IMAX cinema at Darling Harbour, too.

whovillewho Fri 23-Jan-15 06:00:15

Taronga Zoo is fantastic. There's also Luna Park which is a ferry stop between Circular Quay (opera house, botanical gardens) and Darling Harbour (aquarium, Tumbalong Park, Imax, loads of places to eat).

chloeb2002 Sat 24-Jan-15 01:16:23

Bondi beach to just say you have been �� my kids love Bondi rescue and think it's great "spotting" the guards.

Archduke Sat 24-Jan-15 02:56:57

Fab ideas, thanks all.

Scotinoz, kids are now a bit too old for Hairy Mclairy but would enjoy the circus exhibition. NB we loved Hairy Mclairy when the kids were small.

Chloe our friends who are getting married live in Bondi so will deff head for the beach to go lifeguard spotting. Something nice for mummy the kids.

LadyCassandra Sat 24-Jan-15 03:43:49

Come to Manly for the day, it's fabulous! grin

Bollyroo Sun 25-Jan-15 23:04:55

Instead of the bridge climb, climb the tower/pylon that is closest to circular quay. Costs $11, not so high but still amazing views and there's the history of the bridge being built.
Also, the pub next to Doyle's does really good fish and chips, is more kid friendly and half the price if that's an issue.
Finally, do the Bondi to Bronte coastal walk. There's the toy train down at Bronte for the kids and it's brilliant.
Have fun!

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