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Tell me about Sydney on NYE please - where to stay - any tips?

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bitsandbobsandbits Tue 06-Jan-15 00:42:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LahLahsbigband Tue 06-Jan-15 01:34:59

What's your budget? Anything close to the harbour with a view will be very expensive, and booked out very early. Will you have DCs with you?

bitsandbobsandbits Tue 06-Jan-15 01:48:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LahLahsbigband Tue 06-Jan-15 01:51:01

This is the Sydney City Council's official website for NYE fireworks. It's for 2014 but will give you an idea about the event. I would stay in a serviced apartment in Darling Harbour or North Sydney if I was with DCs, or a CBD/Kings Cross hotel if I was a couple/single with money as no object. Air B&B might be an option as lots of locals leave town over the Chritmas/ New Years break. Anything within a reasonable bus/train trip from from the centre (good luck getting a taxi on NYE!). This might be useful for getting a grip on public transport, they put in extra services on NYE. There are two sessions of fireworks, a 9pm 'family version', then the bigger one at midnight.

LahLahsbigband Tue 06-Jan-15 01:57:36

You want a serviced apartment then, they are very popular in Australia. Try this last minute booking website here, not for booking, but to get an idea of the places you can get apartments. I would contact the apartments direct and book now if you want NYE, especially if they are close to the action!

stolemyusername Tue 06-Jan-15 01:58:12

Prepare for massive crowds a lot of people set up camp early in the day for the best vantage spots, we found that those further away were better than standing under the bridge to see the whole thing.

A lot of roads are closed down NYE which can make navigating the city pretty hard, book accommodation now as they will fill up so fast! The prices will increase hugely for Christmas and NYE. Have a look at for apartment accommodation.

LahLahsbigband Tue 06-Jan-15 01:58:47

There are lots of spots to watch, most free. Check the website of the council, that will give you an idea

footyfan Tue 06-Jan-15 03:38:59

I did this a few years ago, great place to see in New Year!

We booked tickets to a bar on Circular Quay, right next to the Opera House. It wasn't expensive, and we only booked them about 10 days before. It meant we could show up at 8:30pm and walk straight through all the crowds to the bar. I can't remember the name, sorry. It was in the row of restaurants/bars right on the waterfront.

People queue for the best free places all day, which really didn't appeal to us. I think they might limit numbers as well.

Also, I'd get somewhere in walking distance of the centre to stay. Public transport is a nightmare, so best to avoid on NYE.

Have fun. Nice to have something great to look forward to!

bitsandbobsandbits Wed 07-Jan-15 02:04:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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