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primary school vs elementary school

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CawCanny Mon 05-Jan-15 04:58:07

Can anyone shed any light on how the standard of US state elementary schools compare to uk (specifically Scotland would be especially helpful) primary schools?
Trying to research it is a minefield. I understand the US has no national curriculum so it's virtually impossible to get any comparable figures so I would love to hear some true life experiences.
What little insight I have gained so far seems to lead me to believe that USA kids are slightly behind, does anyone have any stories (either way) they could share? Grateful for anything smile

CheerfulYank Mon 05-Jan-15 05:48:35

I'm not sure how they compare because I American and have always lived here, but I could maybe answer some specific questions if you have them? smile

Most kids in my area go to preschool at three and four. This is not every day and is anywhere from a few hours to half the day. Preschool is mostly play. At the one DS went to, they learned a lot of things about the world (science-y type things), sharing, lots of music, etc. They did work on letters and numbers but it was very relaxed.

Kindergarten can start at five. Many kindergartens are full day now but some are still a half day. You can choose to send your child at six instead if you wish. I did this with DS because his birthday is in July.

Kindergarten is where real formal learning begins. They are expected to leave k-garten being able to read simple words and do some arithmetic, as well as get along with peers and follow school rules.

DS is in first grade now (at seven) and they are doing science, subtraction, some geography, etc. The reading work is too easy for him because he is one of the oldest and caught on to reading early. He is reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at home but I know that read simpler stuff at school.

They also have P.E. most days, music class, computers, library time, and art class, all outside of their classroom.

CheerfulYank Mon 05-Jan-15 05:50:18

At this point they are also expected to write on their own in full sentences, as in knowing sentences begin with a capital letter and end with proper punctuation, etc. I'm trying to think what else! smile

CawCanny Tue 06-Jan-15 03:51:27

Thanks CheerfulYank I always enjoy reading your posts and that's useful to get the US side. I might post elsewhere to see if I could get some input from Scottish MNers and look at the two sides separately iyswim.

claraschu Tue 06-Jan-15 04:02:34

My friend in NY has a child the same age as mine, and I have seen his progress through elementary school. He has far more homework and is certainly way ahead of my daughter (both at state schools). His teachers all seem more highly qualified than hers (who were very good) and he has specialised teachers for certain subjects from very early on.

This is just one school, and there is a very wide range in the US.

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