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what is reasonable for Luxembourg?

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sputnik2 Mon 24-Nov-14 22:00:00

First timer but have been lurking for a long time...
we just told that a company dh has been loosely in touch is going to call this week with a firm offer- it took us by total surprise as he has not really been looking.
What is reasonable for Luxembourg (non banking sector, responsible for a small team of people). We are desperate to improve the current situation, hence will only consider what they offer if it makes sense.
We are in London atm, 2DC (3 and 1) in nursery part time (what I bring home after tax pays for one place, so the other comes from what is left of the savings), tiny house in good area but no chance for a good school (have to start applying soon and we are dreading it).
Would anyone be able to tell me roughly what we would need monthly after tax to be able to afford:
3 bedroom place (ideally with a garden- we have a dog)
running cost of a family car
groceries & essentials for a family of 4 (with special dietary requirements, so lots of cooking from scratch)
private health insurance for all of us
nursery places for 2 kids (ideally .75 or full time, so that I can get back to work a bit more)
everything we had to cut down on here to keep kids at their current nursery in London, so: gym membership, swimming for kids, hair cuts, once weekly socialising with friends or a meal out, cinema, once a week baby sitter, dance classes, some grown up clothes?

I'm also thinking about schools- we were hoping for a bilingual school (we would love to keep English on a good level in case we would decide to come back at some point)- is it common that employers in L contribute to school fees? What could we reasonably ask for in the relocation and total package??

Hoping for some savvy mumsnetters to give us some tips!!

Gfplux Tue 25-Nov-14 14:35:07

I live in Luxembourg but have no experience of being an ex pat here. However will try to give you some pointers as to costs etc.
Luxembourg is like London when it comes to property prices. As you probably can see from your early research there is Luxembourg City with its suburbs and then the rest.
Location is everything as the morning commute is now difficult as over 120,000 people come across the border every day to work clogging up the motorways during rush hours.
Child care is expensive.
There are very good International Schools but the are expensive. The local Luxemburgish schools while teaching English to a high standard assume fluency in French, German and Luxembourgish from quite an early age. So this is only an option if you are here for the long term.
Car and household insurance is expensive as there is little competition unlike the UK.
Hopefully this is of some help.
I suggest you wait for the offer and then ask some more questions.
There are other mumsneters in Luxembourg and they may be along shortly.

Gfplux Tue 25-Nov-14 14:37:41

Just an extra thought.
You will not need private health insurance as legally employed people have social security paid in the salary.
Health care of every aspect here is frankly WONDERFUL.

Mrsmummypenny Wed 26-Nov-14 12:45:48

Hello. We have recently moved to Luxembourg- DH's job, not mine. Whilst i probably can't advise on specific numbers some good websites to look at are this one for properties and to get an idea of prices. Supermarkets here I'm still coming to terms with. Items such as wine and alcohol are much cheaper than in the UK (or so we have found) and then it depends where you shop for things like washing powder/nappies. I understand a lot of people go over the boarder to Germany. See here and here for a couple of online supermarkets so you can have an idea- the second doesn't deliver, you order online and then pick up yourself. Online delivery seems to be a fairly new concept here- I think because everyone has a car.
I've not investigated childcare yet as my DD is only 19m. Will probably start looking at crèches in the New Year. After speaking to a few mums I hear (but can't find anything to verify) that the crèches are free for mums returning to work- therefore most places are full time. Part time places tend to be with private nurseries. But hopefully someone with more knowledge will be along to correct me if i'm wrong smile
My top tip would be to sort out as much UK paperwork whilst you are in the UK as possible. To claim social security and healthcare (for you mainly, the children and DH if he is with a company will probably be fine) you need all sorts of bits from the UK. Feel free to PM me about this or about anything else as well.

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