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Isthiscorrect Mon 17-Nov-14 17:32:19

Are there any mumsneters who have lived in the (tax free) Gulf and moved to Bangkok? DH has a very interesting offer on the table to move to Bangkok. However we are struggling with the total income reduction due to tax (35%). The potential employer assures us this will be offset by a lower cost of living although the apartments I have been looking at don't look so much cheaper. At the moment we are struggling to get any clear comparisons between the cost of living in both countries.
Does anyone have any advice or experience they can share with us? Many thanks.

Isthiscorrect Sun 23-Nov-14 17:11:59

Gentle bump? Does anyone have any idea about the cost of living in BKK? Many thanks in advance.

fatowl Sun 23-Nov-14 23:04:09

Sorry, not in BKK, but KL which I believe is similar in costing - quite a lot of new expats get caught by employers who say the cost of living is low here too.

Do you need an international school place?
Patana school will set you back at least 400K BHT per year per child, not including all the registration fees.

Not sure on areas (guess will depend on where you work, and whether you want a condo or a house), but I believe decent 1-bed condos start at around 20K BHT pcm.

Isthiscorrect Sat 29-Nov-14 13:01:26

Thanks fatowl. Fortunately no need for school places. It seems DH is in the correct ballpark for costs. So second interview in BKK right before Christmas. Fingers crossed.

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