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Janek Mon 17-Nov-14 14:25:29

The train we were booked on last summer was delayed by an hour (cue a mad dash through Paris to catch the Eurostar...) and we were entitled to a refund from SNCF which we have duly received. However, it is in the form of vouchers. Does anyone know if I can use these vouchers to book future tickets online, as if not, they are not much use to me! They do have a number in them, but it is not particularly 'unique' iyswim.

I would be really grateful if anyone with experience if this could let me know. Thanks!

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bunnyfrance Tue 18-Nov-14 17:30:32

Has been a while since I had one of those vouchers, but if they're similar to the cheques vacances, no, you won't be able to book online with them. Sorry!

Janek Thu 20-Nov-14 13:47:44

Gah, that's annoying. Thanks though!

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cocolacocotte Tue 09-Dec-14 13:34:41

If it isn't too long since you received the vouchers, it might be worth contacting customer service and saying that you are not satisfied with the refund received. Their standard reaction is to send out vouchers but I know a few people that have tried their luck and received more money in the form of a bank transfer as a result. Remember to lay it on thick about the inconvenience of racing across Paris to catch the Eurostar with your 10 suitcases and 2 kids, both of whom had chicken pox grin

To answer the actual question you asked, the vouchers should have a code on them that will allow you to use them for online bookings. You can PM me if you want any help.

Janek Thu 11-Dec-14 13:00:56

Thanks coco, there is a code of sorts, trouble is, if i wait until i want to use them and can't i've left it a bit late. You're right, i should contact sncf either way!

I've already had one refund to my card for this booking, when the outbound tickets only took DP and me as far as Poitiers when we'd booked to Limoges... (Kids' tickets were fine?!?).

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