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University of Toronto

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Mydiethasworked Sat 15-Nov-14 10:34:09

I've posted in higher ed. But didn't get much traffic another poster was advised to post here so thought I might try it too.
My DC is very interested in studying at the University of a Toronto and I wondered of any one can tell me a bit about it and Toronto in general.
I not concerned about the cost and I know UK qualifications are accepted.
He wants to travel, experience a different country, he's very bright and excels in both sciences and art subjects including MFL's and doesn't want to give up either. He currently has no definite long term career plans, he's happy to live away from home and shift for himself and is keen to escape from what he perceives as a traditional UK education (big name independent school), he doesn't mind the cold, loves water sports and also very important for him must be in a large cosmopolitan city.

Bue Sat 15-Nov-14 13:28:06

U of T is an excellent university, certainly one of the top two or three in Canada. It is huge though (and very much research-focused) so it doesn't always provide an 'intimate' campus-based undergraduate experience. One way of mitigating this is by choosing a college carefully - every arts and sciences undergrad is affiliated with a college, and all have a different flavour. For example, Trinity gives an experience quite like Oxbridge or Durham here in the UK. You wear gowns, have formal dinners. etc.

Toronto as a city is fantastic. Well the public transportation is the pits, but other than that! It is a young, fun city with lots to do and the university is in the heart of the city. Again though, because of the size of the university and the city I think it's important to foster close relationships in the right college, especially when so far from home. I think that decision would probably be key for your son.

Mydiethasworked Sat 15-Nov-14 15:21:47

Very interesting and many thanks what he's desperate to avoid is a Durham Oxbridge intimate cloistered environment he won't look at or apply to either (he feels it's just more of what he's doing currently) definitely no gowns formal dinners, he want a "normallity". Any suggestions for a suitable college I've been reading their websites.
Toronto does look a great city shame about the public transport I'm slightly surprised. What about general living costs in Canada?

Bluestocking Sat 15-Nov-14 15:35:14

U of T has a huge number of international students and there's a very informative website for potential students from outside Canada. I'd suggest that your son makes contact with them via the online information request form to ask any specific questions he might have.

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