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Advice on good maternelles/primary schools in Brussels/Etterbeek & Woluwe

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mg111 Wed 12-Nov-14 08:50:45


My husband and I are from France, we live in Brussels, are currently expecting our first child and seeking to buy a house in either Etterbeek or Woluwe (Georges Henri or Chant d'Oiseau neighborhoods).

But we want to live within walking distance of good schools, as much as possible! Any mom around here could share what they know about the maternelles and primary schools in those areas?

For example we're considering La Chasse in 1040 because houses are still affordable there. Do you think Claire Joie is a good option for maternelle/primary? What would be the "good schools" (private or public, I dont mind) in the area?

Same question for Chant d'Oiseau, and around Georges Henri...

I'm going nuts trying to find info on the forums, and many are old threads so hoping to get some fresh info here!

Thanks in advance!

cannotseeanend Wed 19-Nov-14 18:08:08

The schools are fine in those areas.
Just apply on time for a place.
FYI, the only private schools in those areas cost from 9k upwards and all include English.
Public schools are 1) communale 2) French community controlled, 3) Catholic/Muslim/Protestant or 4) non religious aligned. They are all either French or Dutch medium.

Longtime Thu 20-Nov-14 22:16:56

If you would like to join our fb page (benelux), just send me a pm.

FindingBelgium Wed 17-Dec-14 20:58:55


I am moving to Belgium due to a job offer in March. I have started looking for a school for my 3,5 years old daughter. She speaks only Turkish. Besides she has been only exposed to English in her Montesorri maternelle so far.
My office will be in Diegem and I am looking around WSP/WSL for a school and a house. I am looking for a convenient school for her preferably non-confessional and French. What would be good maternelle options in WSP/WSL or in closer areas? Am I doing wrong going with French schools because in some forums there are comments that Flemish schools are better. Or it really depends on the school? Thank you ! I am a single mum so I need to do all these research on my own which is not very easy remotely.

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