Germany - best resorts for tuition and small children

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oranges Sun 09-Nov-14 10:31:04

hello, not sure if this should be in skiing or living aboard but does anyone know of a good place for Ali
tuition? we live in Berlin and want to ski at the half term week- first week of feb. we have to stay in the country as daughters passport is being renewed. and we need a place with good adult tuition and childcare. the kinderhotels are booked out and anyway the one we went to in Austria last year didn't have a great ski school. any suggestions? or recommendations of a private tutor we could hire?

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oranges Sun 09-Nov-14 10:32:04

argh. that should say ski tuition. not Ali tuition.

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Archfarchnad Sun 09-Nov-14 10:56:18

Hi oranges, where are you in Berlin? We're here too. Half of Berlin with school-age kids is going skiing that week, which is why everything's booked up already. You might just be too late for anything decent. We booked ours in the Czech republic months ago. Your best bet is still bavaria, i'll try and get the name of the resort my friends go to, as I know my friend learned as an adult and had lessons. Another option for booking something at short notice is the Harz, and the resort of Andreasberg. Advantage of Harz is that it's close to Berlin and is not full up outside the local school holidays for Niedersachsen. We went once for a day's skiing as total beginners and had a three-hour private lesson. It was ok but could have been better. Harz is just a very small resort with a few pistes - no après ski. Why don't you try asking on Toytown, in the family section. I'll post again when I'm on the computer and not the darn phone.

oranges Sun 09-Nov-14 11:16:06

hi, thank you. yes we had provisionally booked a place in Bulgaria then realized just before booking flights that there is an issue with passports. I'm just off the Kudamn in
the west. do you know feldberg? there seems to
be a good ski school there? I could at a push bring our nanny with us to
some childcare in the afternoons if the family places are full.

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