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New Zealand help please

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Nanny25 Sat 08-Nov-14 08:09:23

Hi, I have a friend who has recently emigrated to New Zealand. I really want to send her a few of the foods she is missing as a surprise.
I have read what information I can find but still unsure if customs would allow crisps and cup a soups through.
Does anyone know if these will be allowed?
Any help would be much appreciated.

WhatSheSaid Sun 09-Nov-14 01:43:49

Generally you're ok if it's processed or packaged food. It's fresh stuff there is a problem with - fruit, veggies, seeds, plants, honey, meat, seafood etcetera. I have brought in Jaffa Cakes, crisps, chocolate etc with no problems. I always declare it though so Cuatoms can check. Make sure you write on the customs label on the packet what is in there just in case.

You can get pretty much most UK foods here if you know where to look. Send her these links

They are UZk food shops all in Auckland, they all deliver to the rest of NZ too

Waimaz Sun 09-Nov-14 03:37:10

Iv lived in new zealand for 5 years, and i can get almost every single food or drink i loved from home. The supermarkets in NZ have international aisles which stock all brands, and if there is something specific u require, they will get it within days!
I wouldnt waste money on postage, and run the risk of customs confiscating it anyway. Im positive your friend can get whatever it is you want to send, easily in NZ


Nanny25 Mon 10-Nov-14 17:20:22

Thank you both very much for your help., very much appreciated. I will look in to those links and maybe send her some foods as a surprise direct from one of the companies. thanks

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