Finding a good school in Brussels

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TejaKunc Thu 30-Oct-14 07:48:03

We are moving to Brussels from Slovenia in Decembre, to Avenue des Volontaires, Etterbeek.
We have a 6-years old daughter and we were adviced (since she is not fluent in French or English) to put her in a public school. We want her to start January 2015!
We are visiting Brussels next week and have appointments with the following schools:
- Ecole Claire Joie
- Joli-Bois primaire
- Intstitut Sainte-Anne
- Centre scolaire du Blankdelle
Unfortunatelly a lot of schools are full in first grade primary, nevertheless, can you please advise on the above listed schools?
Also does anybody have any experience with enrolling a child that does not speak the language?

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cannotseeanend Thu 30-Oct-14 11:24:33

will send you pm, not prepared to air in public what I know about 1 of those schools.

IdealistAndProudOfIt Fri 31-Oct-14 18:45:32

Since no one else has put it on yet, you could do a lot worse than get in touch with the bct for all sorts of advice on schools. I'm not actually in Brussels so not familiar with them.

Regarding children with languages, you see a lot of threads on here about that. My dd started local nederlands school at 2.5 yr not knowing any dutch and now at 4 is getting on very well. That seems to be a reasonable consensus - takes about a year.

Longtime Mon 10-Nov-14 09:38:10

We have a fb page for those of us living in the Benelux. If you want to join, pm me.

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