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vvviola Thu 23-Oct-14 05:09:30

What do you look for when you are choosing a removal company?

We've just had someone around giving us a quote (moving from NZ back to Ireland) and I really really disliked him. He was late, a bit patronising and just irritated me.

We had another quote for a very similar price by another company, which is an altogether more pleasant experience.

But I would feel a bit daft to dismiss this one company because I didn't like the agent.

So, what would you look for, so I can stop going with my gut and make a more practical decision.

(Have moved lots before but always with work, so they chose the company)

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BioSuisse Sun 02-Nov-14 19:30:52

A big for me is whether they will unpack all the drawers or just transport them with stuff in them. I hate it when they do the latter, it puts stress on the furniture and is lazy IMO. To me that splits the good from the cowboys.

Plus any valuable furniture, such as a glass table, should be crated. If they say it doesn't need it then, again, lazy cowboys!

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