Help - is this wage liveable on in Adelaide?

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Kaza1 Sun 19-Oct-14 13:04:03

Posted a few times before & always got really good advice.
Husband has just been offered a 457 visa with a wage of $58,400 they will also pay superann. is this liveable for a family of 5 DDs 9, 8 & 6?
The plan would b for myself to work bit would need to fit around the girls & school. Probably wont work straight away as l'll be settling the girls so DH wage would need to support us, there is also guaranteed OT.
We will be obviously bring cash with us to support start up costs etc but just don't want to move all that way to struggle.
Btw DHs basic wage here in the UK is 21k but earns closer to 30 with OT.
Karen x

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chloeb2002 Sun 19-Oct-14 14:36:09

Not sure what dh does, but 58k isn't much. I know we couldn't get by on it. It's about the regarded aus average pay calculation but remember that most Aussies in this pay bracket will both work. You will need to check where you stand on support from family tax part a on a 457. We received it once before I worked although only after our first tax return.

chloeb2002 Sun 19-Oct-14 15:12:52

Just checked .. In 2007 they ceased all tax credit help for non pr.
average wage in Australia for 2014 is 1476$ per week. So over 70k a year gross. In addition this income level would get government assist.

Kaza1 Sun 19-Oct-14 17:16:09

Thanks Chloe, DH is a painter & decorator. Just trying to weigh up if we accept the job offer on the 457 or do it ourselves on the 489. Don't want to be living below average wage. Might just need to take our chances & do it alone & hopefully DH will get work quickly. Thanks again x

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mrbob Mon 20-Oct-14 12:05:46

This doesn't seem much I have today for someone skilled... Might be worth seeing if there are other job options. It is awesome here and one of the cheaper cities in Australia but I still think you would struggle. You would easily be spending half his wages on rent sad Keep looking though because this is a great place to be!

TerrorAustralis Mon 20-Oct-14 14:20:46

What mrbob said. It would be a struggle on that wage unless you are used to living VERY frugally. The cost of living in Aus is higher than the UK.

Kaza1 Mon 20-Oct-14 16:27:07

Thanks mrbob & terror......think we'll just continue with our 489 & take our chances. What's difficult as well is they want DH out in 4-8 weeks. So not doable at all..thanks xx

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Kaza1 Mon 20-Oct-14 17:05:06

How much would u say is reasonable & we should expect to live comfortable? I will b looking to work eventually but not straight away. TIA xx

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chloeb2002 Tue 21-Oct-14 10:10:14

I'd want (need) at least a family income of 110k. That was our initial rental income on arrival. I quickly went to work on top of this to buy a house etc.

Hazchem Fri 24-Oct-14 07:49:53

Our combined taxable income last year was about $48K. we are entitled to FTA&B plus rent assistance which I guess give us about an extra $12k. We are 2 adults and a toddler and it's livable but not hugely exciting. Our income is going up slightly this year to $55k and this is making a huge difference to us. but we aren't going on holidays, or eating out much and as yet don't do any sports or what ever for DS. We can't afford a second car which is a bit of a pain.
We do have fun and make the most of free cheap things.

mrbob Fri 24-Oct-14 11:47:07

I think as a skilled tradie you could be looking at $30-35/hr as a rough guide. For a family I reckon you would need $70k minimum for a decent quality of life (still would need to be sensible but not have to worry all the time) Any more than that would be a bonus!

Kaza1 Mon 27-Oct-14 18:26:51

Thanks for advice xx

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