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Sydney MN meet up - all welcome!

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Thumbwitch Mon 06-Oct-14 01:24:14

It's time for another Sydney meet-up - feels like ages since we did the last one! (Well, it is!)

Sunday is definitely the favourite day, and we're looking at a child-free lunch, but squishy babies are welcome grin (RVP has a shiny new one that I'm longing to meet!)

So far it appears that Sunday 9th November is the best date, but this is still open to debate depending on availability.

So anyone who would like to come along, please join us - we'll sort out venue and time fairly soon! thankswine

ChaosTrulyReigns Mon 06-Oct-14 01:27:33


That is friffing all.

gertiegusset Mon 06-Oct-14 01:38:19

grin at Chaos

Me too dulling sad

gertiegusset Mon 06-Oct-14 01:39:18

Is it springtime in Oz now?

Thumbwitch Mon 06-Oct-14 03:10:55

Chaos my lovely you'd be welcome as anything but it might be an expensive drinky for you! grin

Gertie - yes, it is - but it's already feckin' hot! 33 degrees yesterday and today, too hot too soon! shock

cjdamoo Mon 06-Oct-14 03:43:37

Ohhhh I would love to come along. Providing Husband has found work by then

TerribleMother Mon 06-Oct-14 03:49:55

I am in newcastle and having chemo and radiation just now so would love to be a 'maybe'. Would that be ok? smile

Thumbwitch Mon 06-Oct-14 04:02:53

Definitely ok to be "maybe" smile
Sorry to hear that you're having treatment, presumably for cancer - that's rough sad

cjd - fingers crossed he gets a job soon then! smile

TerribleMother Mon 06-Oct-14 04:55:12

Yeah, breast cancer. It's not the best to be fair, but I'm getting there. smile

I've already started looking into train tickets and hotel rooms! gringrin It falls right at the end of my radiation and two weeks before my second mastectomy so is looking promising!

Tbh it couldn't have come at a better time, because, inspired by a thread on here about eating in a restaurant alone, I've started a bucket list of things I've never done - travelling to Sydney alone to meet a bunch of people I've never met and staying alone in an hotel would definitely fall into that category!

Thumbwitch Mon 06-Oct-14 08:30:17

Sounds excellent as a bucket list item - really hope you're well enough to join us! I'm only 40 mins south of Newcastle, so a lot closer to you than Sydney - we keep meaning to have a Hunter area meet up too at some point (probably in a vineyard somewhere grin)

blahblahlala Thu 09-Oct-14 08:11:17

I used to be a bit hormonal, but I'm alright now, just a lot of blah blah blah. grin

Anyway so either way I'll be there.

T-Mother and everyone else look forward to seeing/meeting you.

Thumbwitch Thu 09-Oct-14 08:28:54

Wotcher! grin
Nice new name wink

TerribleMother Tue 14-Oct-14 21:27:05

So, looks like I'm a definite gringrin. Really looking forward to meeting everyone. Have there been any details confirmed yet?

bunnygirl80 Tue 21-Oct-14 11:33:24

Glad you can make it terriblemother Don't think much has been planned other than the date yet!

TerribleMother Wed 22-Oct-14 10:03:27

Hi bunnygirl80!

Are you coming along? I've changed some treatment times to allow me to stay overnight on the Sunday and travel back on Monday. smile

Thumbwitch Thu 23-Oct-14 03:17:49

HUrrah! OK, I think we're going to the Opera Bar again, 12:30 9th November.

Glad you can make it, Terrible - I'll PM you my mobile phone number, and if you could then text me, I'll have yours too so we can make sure that you find us on the day. Do you know where the Opera Bar is? It's by the Opera House wink

bunnygirl80 Thu 23-Oct-14 11:24:20

I'll be there!!

Do those of you traveling in from afar have Opal cards. It's $2.50 all day now for unlimited travel on a Sunday, for everyone, not just those that have a kid with them. It'll offset the cost of overpriced food and wine at Opera Bar grin

Thumbwitch Thu 23-Oct-14 16:39:07

Ah yes, must get an opal card! I'm being stung for an extra $6 every time I go to Sydney at the moment angry

TerribleMother Thu 23-Oct-14 21:31:57

Ok, I've text you now Thumb. How do I get an opal card? I know where the opera bar is which, it's about the only place I do know where it is!

Thumbscrewswitch Fri 24-Oct-14 02:08:49 Enter your postcode and it will tell you where you can buy one, or you can buy online.
I can get mine at the newsagents, so that's handy - saves waiting for it in the mail; I need to get one for next Friday anyway, so better crack on with it! grin

TerribleMother Fri 24-Oct-14 05:55:15

Thank you, I got one at the 7/11. I've just read my last post and realised that it makes no sense whatsoever! My excuse is I hadn't had my coffee yet!!

Well I just need to look for a hotel now - not sure whether to book now or last minute to get a better deal?

Thumbscrewswitch Fri 24-Oct-14 09:44:10

I'd book now, tbh - DH reckons that there aren't that many last minute deals going on in Sydney, so might as well get it sorted now so it's one less thing to worry about later. smile

Thumbscrewswitch Tue 04-Nov-14 10:12:17

Just had a thought, would it be better to aim for a bit earlier at the Opera Bar, given that it might get a bit busy? Say 12ish instead? depending on trains, I probably still won't get there until around 12:30 (as usual) but if someone else is able to be there a bit earlier it might be useful. No worries if not!

Hope the weather is nice and not too hot. grin

bunnygirl80 Wed 05-Nov-14 09:13:15

I'm usually early to everything, and as I have probably the shortest distance to travel I'll try and grab us a good spot.

Thumbwitch Thu 06-Nov-14 06:29:31

Excellent, thanks bunny! smile thanks

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