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Perth, aus

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diggerdigsdogs Mon 29-Sep-14 07:47:02

We're in Sydney at the moment but may re locate back to Perth to be near (ish) family.

We have family south in Mandurah. We're looking at suburbs in and around Perth to live ourselves. Dh will work in one of the industrial areas near the airport.

Quality of life is really important - I don't want DH to have a crazy commute, I'm hoping for great state schools for the dc (now 3,2 and unborn) and I'd like enough space for the big dog. A massive garden isn't important though because we have a farm down south so access to walking areas and a small garden would be good - but no garden wouldn't be an option.

I'm horrified at te price of property. We were hoping to downsize from our mortgage in (Southern suburb but not as far as the shire) Sydney but that doesn't look realistic.

I don't know Perth that well for all we have visited - we have frieds without dc who live near herdsman's lake and used to live in lovely mount Lawley and before that Guildford.

I love (wish list) to be near ish the beach - don't need hills and bush. We get that on the farm!!

I realise this sounds like a massive long wish list but some ideas and pointers would be great!

meerkate Fri 03-Oct-14 20:29:16

Hi digger! We lived in Perth a few years ago and loved lots of things about it - but property prices are just eye-watering now, aren't they! Sorry I can't offer much help in terms of suburbs - we rented in Mosman Park for a year but could never afford to have bought there! - but I hope that others come forward and help out shortly smile

Shenton Sat 04-Oct-14 12:12:18

There is no cheap housing in Perth, in fact in the better areas you'd save money by renting

shellybr Sun 05-Oct-14 04:28:00

We live is Hillarys and it is definitely better to rent then buy here. We would be paying more the double our rent if we owned thw house. Rents are dropping too and you can negotiate down were as a few years ago you had to offer more. My kids go to the local state primary and we love it. We have dog too and there are lots of dog parks and a dog walking beach witbin 5 mins dribe of the house. Really nice family spot

Mutley77 Tue 14-Oct-14 14:16:58

Hi, we live SOR and I can give you some advice if you want to PM me! But I'm not sure I can help you with cheap - I don't know what budget you had in mind but any areas I would recommend would be at least $1 million for a decent sized house plus garden for a family of 5.

diggerdigsdogs Wed 05-Nov-14 20:12:07

I'm so sorry I forgot to come back to this thread. I gave myself a self imposed mn break and forgot this thread!

It now turns out that we are leaving in 6 weeks to Perth on. Massively reduced salary. So we will have to rent. Dd will be old enough for kindy but No idea if we can get her in to one.

Mutley I will pm you if that's ok.

Our budget for rent is absolute max $600pw. Any good suggestion for where that could get us??

shellybr Thu 06-Nov-14 06:28:00

I wouldn't worry too much about kindy, if your local school kindy is full there is also Community kindys in alot of suburbs. They aren't zoned so you can get no matter were you live. I would of sent my current kindy kid to our local community kindy except that it was easier to send him to the school one as thats were his older brother goes. Rents are definatly dropping so I wouldn't worry too much you should get a fairly decent place for $600 we pay $500 for our 3 by 1.

diggerdigsdogs Thu 06-Nov-14 09:44:10

Shelly we have been looking lots in Hillarys. That's good to know that you love it up there. Dh will be working in Kewdale.

shellybr Thu 06-Nov-14 13:24:34

We love it. There are lovely parks and beaches. The boat harbour is great for little ones as it is so calm but too busy at weekends during the summer. My boys go to the local school and kindy and we have no complaints. There is also a great community kindy that is affiliated with the school and is very good. Check out whitfords family centre for playgroups and play fun 3s programs. Not forgetting Whitfords mall there is pretty much everything for day to day and you are only 20 mins from the city. Krispy Kreme is also opening here in a couple of weeks.

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