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butterfliesinmytummy Wed 24-Sep-14 00:48:40

We've been in the USA for a year now and have our green cards. A previous employer in Scotland (public sector) has verbally offered me a job working from home and doing some projects in the USA. They have gone back to their HR department to discuss details and how it might work but I would appreciate advice from anyone who has done this before.

Would it be easier for me to set up a company and have the Scottish organisation as a client? I assume taking dividends from a company I owned would be more tax efficient (for me) than being an employee? Are there any legal points I should be aware of? What about social security / healthcare? I'm a SAHM and receive healthcare through dh's company. I assume it would be better to pay tax in the USA rather than the UK as I am located here ...? I don't think the employer has ever had to look into employing anyone overseas before so I suspect they are struggling. Any thoughts?

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Want2bSupermum Thu 25-Sep-14 00:20:19

You should speak to a CPA who can advise on the most efficient way to set yourself up. Alternatively take a look at the IRS website on LLC's, specifically S Corps. Social security tax is high when you are self employed.

I would think it is easier from a tax perspective to be set up here otherwise you have to deal with Inland Revenue plus the IRS. I would rather deal with just one group myself!

Whyisthekitteninsane Wed 08-Oct-14 21:35:54

I would consider talking to an attorney - did you use one for your Greencards? They may be able to advise or point you in the right direction.

I believe working for a UK employer and living in the USA would indeed be quite complicated and possibly involve two sets of tax assessments. But I don't know if you setting up a company and having an overseas client is any less so.

wentshopping Thu 16-Oct-14 15:37:49

Hi butterflies! I am self-employed here - I will pm you the details.

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