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Single mum moving to Bermuda - bad idea??!!

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pandamum Sat 20-Sep-14 22:25:09

Hi everyone, I've been asked (slightly pushed) to go to Bermuda for a couple of years to work. I have 16 yo DS and 6 yo DD. DS would probably stay here as he doesn't really want to go and will be 17 by the time we leave. DD is excited. I am apprehensive! It's only for a couple of years and could be a great experience....or the worst thing ever. Having spent tweenage years in the US I think I can hack it but most people seem to go en famille and I have no idea whether I'm kidding myself that I will be able to handle it as a single parent without my friends and family close by as they are here. I will know a handful of people as my firm is based there but no one I know particularly well. If anyone has any recent or relevant experience to share it would be much appreciated! I have taken a look at schools and it seems to be a toss-up between Saltus and BHS for DD. Fees seem about the same as here but I hear horror stories about the cost of everything else....

Lordnoobson Sun 21-Sep-14 04:13:20

I would have huge issues leaving a 16 yo. I've been to Bermuda. It's tiny. Tiny tiny.

AuntieMaggie Sun 21-Sep-14 05:58:30

Who would ds stay with if he stayed behind? could he come with you for a couple of months and then see how he feels?

I visited Bermuda many years ago but didn't live there and I loved it. I think it's a fantastic opportunity for all of you.

Eastpoint Sun 21-Sep-14 06:16:37

Any luck with Warwick Academy? My friends with children at Warwick seem generally happier with the school, Saltus would be my preference over BHS. Great opportunities for swim clubs, gymnastics & dance (InMotion). There are lots of camps in the school holidays to keep your 6 yo busy in the holidays. It would be really hard for your DS, he wouldn't be able to get a Saturday job & Bermuda College is not really up to scratch. 16 year olds are allowed to ride scooters (mopeds) and they all do, getting a scooter & helmet for your 16th birthday is a rite of passage. Cliff jumping is very popular with teens and there are some incredibly cool videos now on YouTube. The Saltus pool has high boards and lots of the children have parties or have been to parties where they learn how to cliff jump safely. Cliff jumping.

islandmama Mon 10-Nov-14 17:58:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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