Living in France - British University application 2015

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windowtree Tue 16-Sep-14 19:38:10

Looking for a bit of advice about a few things regarding 2015 university applications to help DD make an informed choice - I know a few of you have been through this already so I'm hoping to pick your brains if possible.

The first is about the application process itself especially in relation to the OIB.

There are some very big differences between those universities that give "extra" value to the OIB and those who catagorise it the same as Bac General. Does anyone know from experience (I am doing my homework so not being totally lazy!) which ones place a greater value on OIB?

Irrespective of the OIB are there some universities that are more Anglo-French than others - I've heard Bristol is good.

The other question (so far) is in regards to student finance - is there help available from France to study in Britain (not short-term like Erasmus) but for the three/four year course?

I know we are eligible for student funding in the UK but wonder if it is better to get it in France or the UK IYSWIM?

I live/work in the UK and DD and DH are in France (it's complicated!) - so it "may" be possible to be in one or the other systems - not sure which is best (financially etc..) Anyone any thoughts on this?

I've not really thought this topic out - it's a bit of a stream of conscious as you can see - so if there is anything glaringly obvious that I've missed please let me know. Thanks

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hattymattie Wed 17-Sep-14 06:45:39

I think Bristol give extra value to the OiB and seem to remember that they offer a point lower than the general bac. Having just been through this process - my DD has had no problem with OiB recognition by top British universities. I think OiB students are generally recognised as good quality candidates although I'm not sure if others pursue the same policy as Bristol. I know many from DD's school go to Bristol, Bath, Exeter, Warwick, Kings and Imperial and have the impression these uni's regard the French OiB candidates very favourably.

With regard to finance - we have taken out an student loan in France at 1.4% - this of course is underwritten by us and she will have a shorter payback time but we felt the low interest made it worthwhile.

windowtree Wed 17-Sep-14 18:44:59

Hatty - thanks very much for the information - sounds encouraging in regards to the OIB. Can I ask what your DD is studying?

I'll look into the finance as well - may well be the best option. Does your DD get any bourses regarding housing for example?

Also can you claify - if you get a conditional offer and the Bac results are out in July (and you get the necessary grade) does the university guarantee your place there and then or do you have to wait for the August A level results?

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hattymattie Wed 17-Sep-14 20:21:10

Hi - my DD is studying law. We have no other bourse unfortunately.

If your DD meets her offer, the uni will confirm the place in July. If she misses the offer she will have to wait until the UK results in August to see if she gets a place. Having said that - most of those who missed their offers did get places in August.

windowtree Wed 17-Sep-14 21:12:46

Thanks Hatty - that's very interesting - do you know by how much they missed their offers? Not that I will tell DD of course ;)

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hattymattie Thu 18-Sep-14 07:51:38

It was variable but the main thing seems to be to show the university you are really keen to go there.

windowtree Thu 18-Sep-14 22:00:46

Thanks again Hatty - next stage is personal statement (ahh!!)

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