Australian websites for gifts from UK

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Optimist1 Thu 11-Sep-14 09:25:36

I've been directed here for specialist advice, having moaned on Chat about the cost of posting gifts from here.

Any suggestions for good sites that will accept orders from overseas?


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Optimist1 Thu 11-Sep-14 18:32:02

Bump (seeing as it's daytime down under now) !

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chloeb2002 Fri 12-Sep-14 06:57:49

My mum orders from bigw or target. They both deliver and sell a variety of stuff! It works well as she can even buy big items like slides etc! grin

chloeb2002 Fri 12-Sep-14 06:58:01

My mum orders from bigw or target. They both deliver and sell a variety of stuff! It works well as she can even buy big items like slides etc! grin

Optimist1 Fri 12-Sep-14 07:04:35


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Lumineer Fri 12-Sep-14 07:10:52

What kind of thing are you looking for?

Clothes shops that do vouchers packaged nicely are Country Road and Witchery. You can also shop online at david jones and Myer.

I find that it's worth paying postage on Amazon if you're ordering a few books as the books in Australia are so much more expensive to start with.

Agree with the PP re toys.

Postage is now quite reasonable with Boden. And next is good too.

Optimist1 Fri 12-Sep-14 13:32:08

Thanks, Lumineer - vouchers aren't my first choice, although I know all the stores you mention. No definite ideas about what I'll be sending this time round, but I'm sure I'll manage with the suggestions that have been made so far.

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VeryLittleGravitasIndeed Fri 12-Sep-14 19:04:43

Optimist1 I found you!

Everyone else I'm looking for the same advice so all advice is welcome as I've spent a small fortune on postage back to Oz since moving to the UK sad

Optimist1 Fri 12-Sep-14 23:13:15

Hi, VLGI! <waves>

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BuntingintheSunshine Sat 13-Sep-14 13:55:22

You want to send stuff to people in Aus and you live in the UK? Amazon every time, surely, better choice, vat free so basically free postage for stuff like CDs, dvds etc (as long as they have a multiregion player).

Optimist1 Sat 13-Sep-14 20:43:11

That's it, Bunting. Agree that Amazon can be OK price-wise, but can sometimes be expensive to send, IME.

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Purplehulk Sat 13-Sep-14 20:48:19

We recently discovered M and S deliver some stuff for free!

foodfairy Sun 14-Sep-14 07:10:24

Amazon can be expensive to send and its a pain with lots of deliveries. For books he book depository s cheaper than oz bookshops and dies free delivery. M and s do free delivery deals sometimes. Also John Lewis deliver to oz! It's a £25 flat delivery fee but worth it if you are getting lots and you can get toys, clothes etc etc. I was delighted when I found out - I might hear parrots out the door and be near idyllic beaches but I love a John Lewis towel or linen set!

Clarinet9 Sun 14-Sep-14 07:30:45

M and S does frequent free delivery no min spend or free delivery if over 30 quid the rest of the time
Tesco is 10 pound I think
Next has an overseas site with free delivery but hikes the price compared to here (or at least that used to be the deal haven't checked for ages)

Optimist1 Sun 14-Sep-14 08:55:24

Thanks, again, MNers - I didn't know about JL flat delivery fee foodfairy - that might well be the way to go for family C*******s (won't mention that word when the event is months away!) presents.

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Everydaysanadventure Sun 14-Sep-14 09:07:05

I haven't used it yet but have been told that Peters of Kensington is very similar to John Lewis. Worth a look?

BankWadger Sun 14-Sep-14 14:07:11

Where was this thread 2 weeks ago when I was scouring the net for my sister's birthday?! (Went with Myer in the end)

Janek Sun 14-Sep-14 14:38:21

I have used fishpond for gifts for our Australian friends. I'm sure they have an Australian site, but my ipad always directs me to the uk one. Postage always seems to be free, but things i've ordered seem to be delivered from the uk. By foot, judging how long they take to get there!

Optimist1 Tue 16-Sep-14 19:02:50

How very rude of me not coming back to look at my own thread for 2 days! Thanks for the additional info, Everyday, Bank and Janek. Peters of Kensington is similar to JL inasmuch as they're both department stores, but their website is very clunky and the choice is somewhat limited. Of course, if I was sensible I could have a thorough browse and make my choices from what they have got! Fishpond is a new one on me - have just had a little look at their site and it looks very comprehensive, although they do admit that delivery times can be long. I wouldn't have noticed that disclaimer without you mentioning it, though, Janek, so thanks again for that.

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