Marne La Vallee Hospital France

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poorbuthappy Fri 05-Sep-14 13:14:20

Complete long shot I know.

I had to send documents to Marne La Vallee hospital after my daughter was taken there week. They wrote to me and told me what to send.
I sent it via TNT (being all organised and wanting signature proof) and they won't accept the documents because they say they haven't ordered anything.
I can't find a working fax number on line and whomever picks the phone up doesn't speak English and my French is shocking.

Is there by any chance, someone on here who could help with a fax number, or knows anyone who works there?

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Frenchfemme Fri 05-Sep-14 13:23:08

Is this the one?

poorbuthappy Fri 05-Sep-14 13:28:28

Yes! Thank you!

1 more question (sorry), would that fax number be for the administrative address which is where I sent the docs?

I dont want to send a fax to the hospital if the docs have gone to a different place, if you see what I mean?

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Frenchfemme Fri 05-Sep-14 13:38:47

Not sure, sorry, but I would think so. Their website doesn't seem to have any other fax numbers. I assume there are no other contact details on their letter?

poorbuthappy Fri 05-Sep-14 13:44:59

Thanks for your help with this - I'm just utilising Google Translate now to tell them that they requested the documents and need to sign for them when they are delivered again!

I just didn't want to send even copies of passports and E111 cards through Royal Mail!

The letter is somewhere at home...and I won't have access to a fax machine again till Monday - these things only ever happen on a Friday don't they!!?

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Frenchfemme Fri 05-Sep-14 13:52:56

Best of luck!

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