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Dubai help needed again please?

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Imsosorryalan Thu 28-Aug-14 23:12:35

I'm thinking of applying for a job in jumeirah as a teacher. Part of the package includes schooling for up to two children, fully furnished accomodation, med. insurance and annual flights home. As well as obviously a tax free salary.

I'll be taking two kids and a husband who won't have a job when we go. We've never done anything like this before and I am a bit apprehensive.

Do you think this is a good deal? Also what questions should I be asking. More about the accomodation? Will we manage on my wage ( mid 30k in pounds) while my dh finds a job?

Any advice will be most welcomedsmile

fatowl Fri 29-Aug-14 06:38:47

I don't live in DUbai, but i am a Governor for an international school in Asia and am on the committee that puts together salary packages.

Does your accommodation include utilities? I know they are horrifically expensive in UAE.
Will you need a car? Is there a car allowance?
Will the school assist you with visas for your Dh and kids? What will his status be? Would he be allowed to work if he found something?
If you are coming from the state system and plan to return to it someday, what will happen to your pension?

But do go for it if you feel like an adventure, Dubai tends to polarise MN, but Jumeriah is a well regarded school on the international circuit, would be a good move professionally.

AggressiveBunting Fri 29-Aug-14 06:55:05

Your DH won't be able to work as your dependent but assuming he has a relevant skill set it's fairly easy to get sponsored by his new employer- remember that c.90% of UAE residents are non-Emiratis. It will likely be a local package though (i.e. no allowances/ flights etc). This does however mean that he'll have an advantage vs. candidates that they need to relocate.

What does he do as some sectors obviously have more demand than others, and also some are monopolised by migrant workers so it's hard to get a decent salary unless you're really senior.

At interview, check what the accommodation comprises and where it is. I have a friend who is in an apartment a long way from the school she teaches at. It's not really a drama for her as her DH works in the other direction but it does mean that they need 2 cars. It also may mean that you're in a block with a lot of other staff from the same school.

lavenderhoney Fri 29-Aug-14 07:02:55

There are lots of schools in jumeirah- my dc went to onesmile

Its not much tbh, works out at 15000 a month aed and if you both work then you'll need a maid ( they all live in or you pay through the nose for an agency and you won't get the same one each time so see if the accom has a maids room ( don't faint, it will be a small windowless cupboard) at about 2000 aed a month plus her flights, visa, health insurance, phone, food, and maids don't drive so you'll need to have a driver/ pay for cabs/ pay school bus ( dangerous as they hurtle along) unless you are ok with taking dc to school early with you or hanging round after school depending on age.

Utilities are very expensive, Food is very very expensive and doing anything is expensive as being outside is quite tricky in the heat.

If you both work you'll need a car each - go on dubizzle and look at costs for that too, and check what the accommodation is and where. Is it a flat on the other side of Dubai? Traffic is horrendous! Google on dubizzle for flats where the place is and see. If you intend to buy furniture and white goods there, it can be expensive to set up.

And don't forget summer. Schools finish mid/ end June and go back sept so if you plan to return to the UK factor in the cost of your 2.5 month holidaysmile car hire and so on.

Go on expat forum for Dubai ( not heavily moderated) and ask the same question, and expatwoman, ( heavily moderated) and they generally remove anything not painting Dubai in a glorious golden lightsmile

Have you been there before?

Alligatorpie Sat 30-Aug-14 02:43:09

Are you only interested in Dubai? I haven't been, but I know several people who taught there and seem very happy.
Have you checked the Living overseas branch of TES to get an idea of what to expect and to find out how feasible it is for your dh to find work. DH and I are teachers, we were in Cairo for 3 years and we just moved to Shanghai. I would not want to live overseas on one income. I know people that do, but I think it would be difficult in most international cities.

AggressiveBunting Sat 30-Aug-14 05:29:41

Have you considered Hong Kong, or is that too far away? Lots of opportunities in the International schools. Great pay, easy life (according to all my friends- i.e. can do all your planning and marking within school hours), well behaved kids, long holidays, priority for your kids at the school you teach at and a significant fee discount. It would still be tough on one (teacher) salary, so does depend on what your DH does and if he could easily find something here. Some sectors are easy to navigate in English- some are almost entirely Cantonese/Mandarin speakers only.

Eastpoint Sat 30-Aug-14 05:37:44

A primary school teacher friend of mine moved to the Cayman Islands and is really really happy - just suggesting somewhere else. Warm year round, not as unpleasant in the summer, less divisive society.

JoandMax Sat 30-Aug-14 05:52:21

I think you'd need to do a lot more research into the kind of job your husband could get and what his salary would be - 15k AED a month is not much at all to live on. Utilities and shopping and activities for kids are very expensive here so don't be fooled by tax free!!

Also, check where the accommodation would be, how long for etc.

Regarding a maid you wouldn't necessarily need one depending on age of your children. I have 2 friends who are teachers and their children are at the same school and they drop them off a little early to their classrooms then the DCs come and play/do homework with them after school until they're ready to go. If you did want a maid a decent one is now around 2,500 up to 3,500 for one who can drive.

Cars are relatively cheap to buy and run though, plus there's always good deals for 2nd hand ones. Again I have friends with 2 working parents who manage with one car quite easily if they work in similar areas.

Dubai isn't perfect but we are having a great time living here, my DCs are at Jumeirah Primary School and it's fantastic!

PM me if you want to ask anything x

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