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returning to the UK: what, how where ????

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cowbiscuits74 Mon 18-Aug-14 21:36:57

Hello All, not sure if this is the right thread so let me know if I need to move it

After 10 years working overseas we are looking to return to the UK within the next 12-18 months. We know it won't be easy but is 'now or never' really.

Has anyone done this recently? Would love to hear from you as to where you settled and why, how you chose your location. How you got your kids into schools and looked for work as it is sort of a chicken and egg situation in terms of what you look for or commit to first isn't it? Jobs, schools, house etc.

Anything you wish you had done a different way or in advance if possible? I am reading it can be difficult to open accounts, get credit, apply for a mortgage etc. Is there anything else you wish you had known about in advance?

Thank you

fussychica Wed 20-Aug-14 17:09:01

Probably depends where you are coming from, the more rural your overseas experience the busier you might find the UK since you left. We moved to the south west after 10 years abroad and love it. We had no family ties and just looked for an affordable place which had the relaxed lifestyle we wanted. We are oldies without young children so schools wasn't an issue, though there are some pretty good ones in the area.

We rented first to ensure we liked the area, as it was completely new to us - we didn't want to return to our old area, as much as we liked it, as we thought a new adventure was the way to go, rather than making comparisons with a place before we left it. We had kept our UK bank account and didn't need a mortgage so can't help you there.

Good luck wherever you pick.

SquinkiesRule Thu 21-Aug-14 18:20:02

We moved back last summer after over 20 years abroad. Back to the same village I lived in back then and enrolled Dd into the village school that her oldest brother went to reception class in before the move.
We didn't have to mess with mortgages as we sold the house before the move and transferred the money over to uk and bought a house for cash. The bank was fine and added Dh to my old account that I never closed. Biggest thing for us now is Dh has to do his UK driving test before the one year being back driving on his US license is up, he's booked and better pass.

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